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Taft Summer Program Ends With a Class Act

Two volunteers from the audience help out with sounds effects during the Improv 4Kids performance.

Typically, the Taft Public Library's Summer Reading programs are well-planned presentations which have been performed over and over again by the headliner. However, the same cannot be said about the Library's last show of the summer, which instead gave a much unscripted performance by the cast of Improv 4Kids. The evening performance took place at Clough Elementary School on August 16 and marked the end of yet another successful summer of reading and fun for Mendon kids.

Improv 4Kids is a professional improv troupe consisting of four actors, who to the delight of their young audience, put on skits and musical numbers based on whatever the audience would throw at them. The cast included actors Walt Frasier, Laurice Fattal, Spero Chumas, and Tyler Fisher.

Whether it was about starting school, sports, Disney World, or a guinea pig, the four talented and quick-witted actors could act out or sing on any topic in a moment's notice and with loads of energy.

At one point in the show, a youngster threw out the name of a crazy, made up book title called, The Acorn that Falls on Your Head That Went Bopp, and without any hesitation, the actors began to act out a humorous story related to the title.

Another portion of the show was called Audience Sound Effects, during which two young volunteers from the audience made different sounds into a microphone while the cast made up a song.

Based in New York City, Improv 4Kids has played for hundreds of audiences across the country but plays exclusively to kids. In addition to playing for libraries, the group also performs nationwide for schools, charity fundraisers, festivals, churches and other special events and has been featured on ABC News.

Their performance was the last program of the summer and prior to its beginning, Children's Librarian Andrew Jenrich gave a shout out to all those who made the library's program so successful this year, including Library Director Rob MacLean, the rest of the children's library staff, the teen volunteers, and the Friends of the Taft Library, among others. "Everyone went above and beyond the call," said Jenrich.

According to Jenrich, the successful Go Green Summer Reading Program had a total of 380 registrations with more than 100 children completing the entire program.

After the show, the Friends of the Taft Library provided all attendees with ice cream. In addition, a slide show full of the highlights from the summer program was shown to everyone.


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