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A Dazzling Display at the Nipmuc Fine Arts Festival

First Place winner for painting and fashion illustration Hannah Smith dressed like her work for the Nipmuc Fine Arts Show.

A dazzling display of over 1,000 students works of art were showcased at the May 19 Nipmuc Regional High School held their annual Fine Arts Festival. It is the culmination of many hours of labor on the part of the student-artists at Nipmuc.

Awards were given in different categories. The panel of judges is made up of professional artists and art teachers outside the Mendon-Upton school district, who had to rank artwork that ran from watercolors to jewelry and everything in between.

During the Festival the student artist who won a prize sit next to their artwork allowing the spectators to ask questions about their pieces. Hannah Smith who placed first in painting and fashion illustration noted that fashion has always been a big part of her life. "I'm a fashion geek", explained Hannah, who will be attending Mass College of Art for fashion design in the fall.

Alisha Mattos, the first prize-winner for sculpture and second prize winner for digital photography, explained she took her family struggles and translated it into her art. Her pieces showed things she feared such as getting into a car accident or feeling isolated and alone. She will attend Salem State College in the fall. For now her major is undecided, but she plans on doing something with art.

Nicole LaCroix was the first place portfolio winner. Nicole noted she loves animation and Peter Pan was the inspiration for her pieces. She hopes to have a career someday in animation and is planning on attending Savannah College of Art and Design and will study animation.

There were many Fine Arts Festival Winners and include: Best of Show Meaghan Wood, Portfolio Award; first place, Nicole LaCroix, second place, Hannah Connolly, third place, Olivia Carter; Drawing; first place, Michaela Arrigo, second place Marisa Camden, third place, Lauren MacDonald; Drawing in Color; first place, Alaina Morais, second place, Sarah Krasnecky, third place, Emily Martin; Painting; first place, Hannah Smith, second place, Shannon Ferschke, third place Josh Noreau and Printmaking; first place, Jessie Alibozek, second place, Emma Blanchard, third place, Tim Sabean.

Sculpture; first place Alisha Mattos, second place, Sarah Wadehul, third place Therese Bechara; Pottery; first place, Laura Bernier, second place Dierdra Daniels; Graphic Design; first place Emma Gould, second place, Ashley Farineau, third place Dillon Braile; Computer Graphics; first place Jill Murphy, second place Katie Cirus, third place, Lindsey Healey; Illustration; first place Jacob Knox, second place Lindsey Healey, third place, Ashley Corbett; Photography; first place, Devin Ellis, second place, Eric Brodeur, third place, Hannah Linstead-Atkinson; Digital Photo; first place Alessia Giannozzi, second place, Alisha Mattos, third place Lindsey Healey; and Photography Portfolio; first place Melissa Godowski, second place Kristen Tate, third place Kate Seserman;

Batik; first place, Bethany Laquidara, second place Kathryn Klapproth, third place Brittany Denecke; Jewelry, first place, Ashley Donelan, second place Dierdra Daniels; Fashion Illustration; first place, Hannah Smith, second place, Jill Murphy, third place, Kristie Grace. Honorable Mention Winners were as follows; Emily Davidshofer, Emily Alcott, Aislyn Calianos, Sarah Krasnecky, Jeff Gruber, Shelley Pickering, Kelsey Campbell, Hailey Smith, Aviva Luttrell, Ian Dahlroth, Kendal Till, Christine Dumas, Katie Halsing, Melanie Kossuth, Deanna Valcour, Shannon O'Brien, Jess Tiedmann, Hannah Bonnell, Liz Ferguson, and Grace Thompson.

The calendar award winners were, Emily Davidshofer, Brooke Berini, Maia Hibbett, Teres Audette, Deanna Valcour, Fernando Pugleasa, Kathleen Glowacki, Celia Taylor, Krystina San Soucie, Juliana Miccile, Grace Thompson, and Deion Moore.

Alisha Mattos, who took first place in sculpture and second place in digital photography stands next to some of her work at the Nipmuc Fine Arts Show.

Hoping for a career in animation, Nicole LaCroix will study at Savannah College of Art and Design next year. She was the first place portfolio winner.


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