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Paul Sharp Chosen 51st “Mayor” of Prospect Heights

Paul Sharp

Paul Sharp grew up on Lawrence St., part of the overall Milford neighborhood around Water St. known as Prospect Heights. Now 61 years old, the owner of a cosmetics company and living on Hancock St., next month Sharp will receive the ultimate honor for someone from "the Heights."

On Sunday, July 17 – during the annual Portuguese Picnic – Sharp officially will be installed as the 51st "Mayor" of Prospect Heights. "It's a neighborhood that I care for and it's part of the tradition of the neighborhood," he said. "The picnic brings it all together."

The Prospect Heights neighborhood was built by the former Draper Corporation in 1904 for its workers. The largest number of immigrant families living there are from six major nationalities: Armenian, Greek, Irish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese. Since the 1960s, a new mayor is chosen annually – you have to have grown up in Prospect Heights or have lived in the immediate area for at least 10 years to qualify – by rotating among the six nationalities.

Sharp was chosen for his parents' Irish ancestry, but jokes that he also qualified because his grandparents on his mother's side were from Italy.

"The majority of parents and grandparents came to that area of town, only hoping that their children and grandchildren had an opportunity to better their station in life," Sharp said of the waves of immigrants who settled in Prospect Heights. "Most of their dreams did come true," he added.

The values his family and the neighborhood instilled in him growing up are important, as is the Prospect Heights area, Sharp explained." If you care about something, you cannot care about it part time," he said.

Each mayor has the responsibility to select a volunteer project to better the area, and Sharp said he will consult with past mayors before selecting his.

Past "Mayors" of Prospect Heights

The following people have served as "mayors" of Prospect Heights:

1961-1962: Oracio Moreira

1962-1963: John Milan

1963-1964:Ardashes Krikorian

1964-1965: Fred Crescenzi

1965-1966: Joseph Chappel

1966-1967: George Alves

1967-1968: Jim Donlan

1968-1969: Hagop Papelian

1969-1970: Joe Recchia

1970-1971: Thomas Tominsky

1971-1972: Joseph Lopes

1972-1973: Joseph McAuliffe

1973-1974: Joseph Derderian

1974-1975: Dominik D'Amico

1975-1976: Joseph Oneschuk

1976-1977: Domenic Dias

1977-1978: John Coniaris

1978-1979: George Marashian

1979-1980: Dante Viallini

1980-1981: Theodore Kosciak

1981-1982: Fernando Rodriques

1982-1983: Joseph Evans

1983-1984: Carlos doCurral

1984-1985: John Villani

1985-1986: Nicholas Coniaris

1986-1987: Diego Chaves

1987-1988: Alfred Andreola, Jr.

1988-1989: Daniel Ruggerio

1989-1990: Bento G. doCurral, Jr.

1990-1991: Edward Bertorelli

1991-1992: Manoog Manoogian

1992-1993: Agostino Lancia

1993-1994: Domingos Pereira

1994-1995: John Wylie

1995-1996: Jeffrey Varteresian

1996-1997: R. Allen Alves

1997-1998: David Soares

1998-1999: Albert Azevedo

1999-2000: Walter Costa

2000-2001: Michael Tebeau

2001-2002: John Perry

2002-2003: John Fernandes

2003-2004 Gary Matos

2004-2005: John Derderian

2005-2006: David A. Consigli

2006-2007: Joseph Batista

2007-2008: Thomas Cullen

2008-2009: Anthony C. Gonsalves

2009-2010: Alberto A. Correia

2010-2011: All Living Mayors Served for 50th Anniversary


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