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Taft Library Group is a Friend Indeed and In Need

The Friends of the Taft Public Library, a group of volunteers who help support the Mendon Library, are looking for more members. Interested? Log onto their Facebook page or email

According to the Friends of the Taft Public Library's President Jennifer O'Donovan, the Friends mission is to bridge the gap between the Library and the community. "We're more than just a group that sponsors a few events every year," she said.

The Friends Group is truly the driving force behind the Library's fundraising needs and helps provide volunteer support. Given that library usage throughout the state has increased while funding continues to decrease, the dedicated Friends group is working harder than ever to provide whatever support it can in order to give patrons the best library services possible.

In addition to sponsoring programs, they also promote library activities, educate the community about the library's services, actively support the policies established by the Board of Library Trustees, and encourage gifts and contributions to the Library.

Through annual events such as book sales, bake sales, and the holiday homes tour, the Friends have been able to provide library patrons museum passes, signage for outside, art supplies, picnic tables, as well as support programs associated with the popular children's summer reading program. However, with large cuts to the Library's budget this year, funding and volunteering are becoming more and more critical to help sustain the current library's needs.

O'Donovan said even her husband has been helping out. A chef by trade, Michael O'Donovan prepared homemade jams, salsa, scones, and Irish soda bread and has sold them at local fairs to help raise monies for the Library. Through his efforts, $300 was raised.

Now the group is taking its fundraising efforts to the next level and is looking for more "friends" through a membership drive seeking financial support, volunteering, or both. As a Friend, patrons can choose to be either an active or supporting member. Active members are dues paying members who volunteer time and/or talents for different projects. Supporting members are dues paying members only and will not be asked to volunteer. O'Donovan said both levels are critical to sustain the current Taft Library.

Dues fees are $5 for students, $10 for individuals, $20 for a family, $25 and up for supporters, $100 and up for businesses or corporations, or separate gifts can be contributed. Events that need volunteers include the used book sale, fundraising projects or other special events.

The Friends of Taft Library generally meet the last Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Library located at 18 Main St. Members are welcome to attend but are not required. For more information on the Friends of the Taft Public Library, log on to their Facebook page or email


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