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Milford Native Pursues His Passion

Michael Manoogian

From Dolly Parton to Kenny Rogers, his logos are everywhere and his home town is Milford, Massachusetts. Artist Michael Manoogian, a Milford native and a member of the Milford High School class of 1958, always knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. "An artist," says Manoogian. "I was drawing ever since I was a kid. The skill was there and I had fun making something look right on paper."

Post-graduation Manoogian attended the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), a major turning point for the artist. He calls this time, "Four of the hardest-working, enjoyable, fruitful years of my life."

Manoogian's father, Manoog, found a way to finance his son's college education on a weekly salary of no more than $100 a week. "He was the most come-through man, I ever knew," says Manoogian.

After graduating from RISD, Manoogian moved to New York City where he resided for 10 years working for various commercial design studios. During his time in New York Manoogian met his future wife, Robin Beaman, an actress and singer from Cohasset. The two wed in 1970 at the Trinity Church in Milford.

To further both of their careers, the newlyweds moved to Los Angeles. Manoogian met art director Bob Cato who introduced him to many people in the industry. Over the years, Manoogian spent time promoting himself and before he knew it, he was designing logos for numerous noteworthy celebrities and events, including: Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin, Lionel Richie, USA for Africa, Gallagher, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, the Ninja logo for Kawasaki, three of the Super Bowls, Tom Cruise, and the Rio Hotel in Vegas.

"I did so much hand-lettering over the years that the muscles in my right arm were quite a bit larger than my left," says Manoogian.

One of Manoogina's favorite memories is when Kenny Rogers called his sister, Kathryn. While working at the home of Kenny Rogers, Manoogian mentioned that his sister was a huge fan of Rogers and his music. "Kenny got on the extension and said, 'Hi, Kathy, this is Kenny Rogers.' Dead silence on her end... Then I heard, 'Oh my God, it really is you!,'" says Manoogian. "She's still on Cloud Nine."

Now Manoogian's greatest struggle is finding innovative creative ways to design logos and avoid reproducing similar designs. It is this kind of "struggle" that Manoogian attributes to staying fresh and alive and developing a successful career.

For aspiring artists, Manoogian offers the following advice: "It's the same advice I'd give a singer, teacher, business man, whoever: Do your passion...Passion and interest is what gets you out of bed in the morning. You feel alive with enthusiasm.  You attack the next day...instead of it attacking you."

To learn more about Manoogian 's career and view his designs, visit his website at

Artist Michael Manoogian, a Milford native and a member of the Milford High School class of 1958, has a tremendously successful career designing logos.


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