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Mendon Tax Rate Increasing

The Mendon Board of Selectmen approved the recommendation of the Board of Assessors for an across the board single tax rate for the town resulting in a new tax rate of $14.42 per thousand; an increase from last year's rate of $13.67. Assistant Assessor Jean Berthold explained how the Assessors came to their recommendation during a November 17 Board meeting, which was part of the tax classification hearing.

Berthold first discussed the town's levy limit figures. Mendon's tax levy for Fiscal Year 2012, which includes the $272,450 override, is $10,196,439, plus the three debt exclusions totaling $1,313,606 for a total levy of $11,510,045. The town's new growth added up to $75,747. "That's the lowest new growth figure I've seen in the last 20 years," said Berthold to the Board.

Taxable value also decreased from $803,006,750 in FY 11 to $797,895,640 in FY 12. The majority of Mendon's property tax consists of residential properties, which comprises 89.2 percent of taxable property, commercial property makes up 6.5 percent, industrial property consists of .57 percent, and personal property covers 3.65 percent.

Berthold stated the medium value for a single house in Mendon was assessed at $354,427 for FY 12, which is a slight decrease in value from the FY 11 medium value of $356,395. During the town's overall annual revaluation, the Assessors saw an average decrease of about 1.5 percent in residential property and a .75 percent decrease in commercial property valuations.

Berthold then compared tax increases from last year to this year. In Fiscal Year 2011, a $350,000 home with a tax rate of $13.67 paid $4,784 in taxes, plus an additional $102 for Community Preservation Act funding. For FY 12, that same $350,000 is now valued at $344,000, and with the new increased tax rate of $14.42, that homeowner will pay $4,971 in property taxes plus an additional $105 for Community Preservation Act funding, resulting in a $190 increase in taxes from last year. "Most of this (increase) is attributable to the override," said Berthold.

A home valued at approximately $345,000 will see an increase of about $245.

By law, Berthold must also configure and share tax rates for a dual tax classification, in which two different tax rates are charged depending on income levels. If the Board approved a dual tax rate, the new rate would be $13.55 per thousand for residential properties and the CIP rate (commercial, industrial and personal property owners) would be $21.63. This would save residents $308 but would add an additional cost of $2,552 to those affected by the CIP rate. With the limited amount of commercial and industrial taxable properties in town, the Board felt a dual tax rate could potentially drive current and potential businesses away.


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