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Romney Wins Big in Upton

Super Tuesday proved super indeed for former Governor and Presidential Republican hopeful Mitt Romney, who won the state's Primary held on March 6. Romney also won in Ohio, Vermont, Idaho, Virginia, and Alaska that day. Results showed Upton voters overwhelmingly supported Romney. In addition to voting for President, residents also chose State Committee Man, State Committee Woman, and Town Committees in both the Republican and Democratic parties.

In Upton, Republican Presidential candidates received the following number of votes: Mitt Romney, 475; Rick Santorum, 81; Ron Paul, 76; Newt Gingrich, 24; Jon Huntsman, 6; Michelle Bachman, 3; and Rick Perry, 3. In addition, there were four write-ins, seven no preference votes, and zero blanks. On the Democratic Presidential Primary ballot, President Barack Obama received 113 votes. There were also two write-ins, nine blanks, and 21 no preference votes. From the Green Rainbow Party, Kent Mesplay received one vote.

For the Republican Party's State Committee Man, James Knowlton edged out Brent Anderson by a mere two votes with Knowlton receiving 245 votes to Anderson's 243. There were also five write-ins and 186 blanks. For the Republican State Committee Woman, Mindy McKenzie-Hebert won with 276 votes versus Chanel Prunier with 222 votes. There were also four write-ins and 177 blanks. Guy William Glodis was the only candidate for Democratic State Committee Man and received 113 votes and Mary Dube, also the only candidate, won the Democratic Party's State Committee Woman and received 118 votes. There were no candidates from the Green Rainbow Party for State Committee Man or State Committee Woman.

Serving on Upton's Republican Town Committee will be Kenneth Glowacki, who received 420 votes; Harvey Trask, who received 406 votes; Judith McGee, who received 359 votes; William Young, who received 351 votes; Robert Varney, who received 349 votes; Kathleen Glowacki, who received 369 votes; Steven McCaw, who received 358 votes; Frank Aniello, who received 357 votes; Kenneth Picard, who received 385 votes; Alfred Holman, who received 390 votes; and Joseph Poirier who received 380 votes. There were also 40 write-in and 1,960 blanks.

Serving on Upton's Democratic Committee will be Joan Shanahan with 113 votes; James Bates with 103 votes; Barbara Burke with 110 votes; Cynthia Robertson with 106 votes; Lester Shea with 92 votes; Linda White with 96 votes; Rosemary Quirk with 98 votes; Joan Varney with 107 votes; Karen Donovan with 94 votes; and Mildred F. Morin with 98 votes. There were also two write-ins and 1,881 blanks.

There were no candidates running on the Green Rainbow ticket for the Town Committee.

According to Town Clerk Kelly McElreath, there were 824 ballots voted on out of 4,798 registered voters in town, or 17 percent of voters in Upton came out for the Super Tuesday Primary.


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