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Town Meeting Member Openings

Twenty-six Town Meeting Member seats still remain open following the April 2 Annual Town Election. In order to be elected at the May 21 Annual Town Meeting, candidates need to take out nomination papers, obtain at least signatures of registered voters and return the papers to the Town Clerk's office on or by May 1, according to Town Clerk Amy Hennessy Neves.

The openings are:

• Precinct 1: four one-year term openings;

• Precinct 2: four one-year term openings;

• Precinct 3: two one-year term openings;

• Precinct 4: seven one-year term openings;

• Precinct 5: one three-year term opening and one two-year term opening;

• Precinct 6: one one-year term opening;

• Precinct 7: six one year-openings; and

• Precinct 8: one one-year opening.

Since the election, Renaldo and Jean DeLuzio have moved from Precinct 5 – creating the vacancies there – and will be running for vacancies in Precinct 7, Neves said. (A complete list of Town Meeting Members elected on April 2 can be found at


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