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Nipmuc Fine Arts in the Spotlight

Nipmuc High School Fine Arts Festival "Best of Show" winner Hailey Smith displays some of her favorite artwork pieces. Over 600 friends and family members attended the Opening Night of the show on May 15 to admire over 1,000 pieces of artwork. Contributed photo.

Students at Nipmuc High School proudly displayed their masterpieces at the 2012 Fine Arts Festival on May 15 and 16. The annual exhibit has been a tradition at Nipmuc for the past 20 years, and is a "culmination of many hours of labor on the part of the students." The judged exhibit included over 1,000 pieces of artwork, which covered the entire gymnasium on student-assembled displays.

Approximately 600 friends and family members attended the show, viewing the emerging talent of the underclassmen, as well as the more developed skills of the senior artists.

Superintendent Dr. Joseph Maruszczak had rave reviews for the student artists and their pieces of work. "The fine arts program at Nipmuc is the most impressive program I have seen at the high school level in my entire career," he said. "The quality of work that our students produce is very impressive from both a technical and aesthetic perspective." Maruszczak credits Nipmuc Art Teachers Alison Clish and Kevin Campbell with "outstanding instruction and guidance" for their students. "The fine arts program at Nipmuc, as well as at Miscoe and the earlier grades, is a real strength of our district's programming," he said.

The administrators at Nipmuc seconded Maruszczak's statements. Principal John Clements said he was most impressed with how "exceptional" the show was each year, but in new ways. "Each year the work is surprising and wonderful. I look forward to the art show each year because it is such a wonderful example of our students working to the best of their ability," said Clements.

Dean of Student Mary Anne Moran said that she continues to be impressed by the artistic talent of the students. "It is amazing to watch the growth of our students artistically over their high school experience," she said.

Judges from outside of the district were brought in to bestow awards to the students and their artwork in numerous categories.

Nipmuc Senior Hailey Smith was awarded the 2012 "Best of Show" award for her collection of artwork including her favorite "reflective" pieces. Hailey, who will be studying Industrial Design at Wentworth Institute of Technology next year, said that she was "thrilled" to win the "Best of Show" award. "I was surprised, everyone was really good this year," she said. "It was a fun year; worth all of the hard work."

Other awards from the show included: Portfolio Award - 1st place Eric Brodeur, 2nd place Emily Martin, 3rd place Josh Noreau; Photography Portfolio – 1st place Devon Ellis, 2nd place Shelly Pickering, 3rd place Arielle Mulgrew; Drawing – 1st place Katie Halsing, 2nd place Brandon Kong, 3rd place Melanie Kossuth; Drawing in Color – 1st place Rose Wiklund, 2nd place Molly King; 3rd place Melody Wiklund; Painting – 1st place Kelsey Campbell, 2nd place Isabel Welch, 3rd place Grant Moyer; Watercolor – 1st place Emma Alcott, 2nd place Michaela Bolotin, 3rd place Kendal Till; Printmaking – 1st place Tyler Peabody, 2nd place Madison Freund, 3rd place Monica Coskie; Batik – 1st place Shannon O'Hayre, 2nd place Sydney Johnson, 3rd place Jessie Alibozek; Fashion Illustration – 1st place Jay Turner, 2nd place Liz Ferguson, 3rd place Kathryn Klapproth; Sculpture – 1st place Sarah Wadehul, 2nd place Brandon Kong, 3rd place Patrick Luck; Graphic Design – 1st place Ashley Farineau, 2nd place Brian Mullen, 3rd place Rachel Murphy; Computer Graphics – 1st place Alessia Giannozzi, 2nd place Devon Ellis; Illustration – 1st place Shannon O'Brien, 2nd place Lindsey Healey, 3rd place Josh Noreau; Architectural Rendering – 1st place Dillon Braile, 2nd place Michaela Kerxhalli-Kleinfield, 3rd place Jessie Alibozek; Jewelry – 1st place Kathryn Klapproth, 2nd place Olivia Searles; Digital Photography – 1st place Danielle LaCroix, 2nd place Kathryn Klapproth, 3rd place Eric Brodeur; Honorable Mention - Brittany O'Donnell, Katie Halsing, Joseph Chausse, Annalisa Baci, Maddie Davidshofer, Melissa Wojnowski, Lillian Harris, Fernando Pugleasa, Alaina Morais, Lexi Figore, Therese Bechara, Celia Taylor, Brittany Denecke, Grant Moyer, Deanna Valcour, Teres Audette, Zoe O'Donnell, Michaela Arrigo, Lindsay Doyle, Jennifer Pittman, Lily Kerxhalli-Kleinfield.


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