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Road Repairs and Town Counsel Funding on Town Meeting Warrant

Residents in attendance at the June 26 Special Town Meeting will vote on 34 articles, including a debt exclusion to purchase the St. Michael's property and a number of bylaw amendments. There are also a number of other financial articles which are summarized as follows:

Article 2 is to purchase a Hotbox for the Highway Department for $14,800, which will allow the Department to make road repairs for less money. Funding for this will come from the Highway Air Purification System special article and the Snow and Ice Removal budget.

Article 3 will pay Worldband, the town's tech. support company, $4,000 for overages, and due to ongoing litigation, Article 4 will pay Town Counsel $14,000. Both requests will be taken from the State Aide Reserve Account.

Because staff working for the Conservation Commission has been working more hours than usual, Article 5 is requesting an extra $200 for salaries and will be taken out of Town Hall Service Salaries.

Articles 6 - 9 concern the Public Safety Department. Article 6 is an interdepartmental transfer and is seeking $25,000 for dispatching salaries overtime. Funding will come from various line items including the Quinn Bill, Police Salaries, and Fire Call Salaries.

Article 7 is a $6,200 request for cruiser maintenance. Due to budget cuts, the Police Department has been extending the life of its vehicles and needs transmissions, sirens, and lights replaced. Funding will come from the Health Insurance Account and Fire Call Salaries.

Recently, the Fire Department's fire alarm system was destroyed by lightning. Article 8 was acting as a placeholder in case the funding to replace the system was not reimbursed by the state. The check was recently received and the article will be passed over. And Article 9 is a $1,000 transfer to Fire Department salaries from Fire Department Call Salaries.

Article 10 is to fund the Town Hall Utilities budget until the end of Fiscal Year 2012; a $5,000 transfer is needed from the Snow and Ice Removal budget. The Parks Department is requesting a $500 transfer from the State Aid Reserve fund for Article 11.

Due to the town's recent enforcement of parking tickets, there is a $1 per ticket fee necessary. Article 12 is requesting a $150 transfer from the Elections and Registration budget. And Article 15 is requesting $600 from the State Aid Reserve Account as a result of printing the Special Town Meeting warrant in the newspaper.

To fund a training course attended by the town's Veteran Agent, Article 16 is seeking $400 from the State Aid Reserve budget to Veteran's Expenses.

Article 17 is seeking $15,000 from the Snow and Ice Removal budget to purchase materials for road repair. And due to a lawsuit, $3,000 is needed for Article 18 to fund an insurance deductible, which will be transferred from the Finance Committee's Reserve fund.

Article 20 concerns an insurance settlement and Article 25 concerns new water testing regulations; both figures are still unknown.

Articles 21 through 24 involve Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding. Articles 21, 23, and 24 ask voters to use CPA funding to renovate the Mendon Housing Authority Barn, dredge the Lake Nipmuc Meadow Brook outlet, and purchase approximately 25 acres of property located at 31 Miscoe Road for the purposes of active recreation, respectively. The funding for these articles has not been determined yet. And Article 22 is asking to use CPA funding to purchase the St. Michael's rectory to be used for affordable housing; however, that article will be passed over.

The Special Town Meeting will take place at Miscoe Hill School and begin at 7 p.m.


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