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Selectmen Order Dog Destroyed

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously on June 4 to order that "Roxy," a pit bull owned by Daniel Peniche of West Walnut St., be destroyed for violating orders for controlling the dog set by the board on April 10. Selectmen directed the Animal Control Department to dispose of Roxy "in the most humane method practicable."

In his capacity as the town's Dog Hearing Officer, Chairman Brian Murray related that:

• Selectmen's April order stated that Roxy could not be allowed outside without wearing a muzzle;

• On May 14, Peniche's mother took the dog to her Lawrence St. home, where it pushed through a storm door and attacked another dog being walked down the street;

• Both that second dog and its owner were bitten, with the second dog requiring medical treatment;

• Peniche offered to pay for the other dog's veterinary bill and promised he would no longer allow Roxy to be at his mother's house; and,

• Animal Control Officer Rochelle Thompson described Roxy as a dog that is good with people but "extremely aggressive toward other dogs and animal."


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