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The World’s Most Famous Pig Visits Mendon

Rachel Cassinelli of Mendon hugs Daisy II, a 3½ year old pot-bellied pig who is the star of the "Pig Out on Reading Program," a traveling program that promotes the importance of reading. Daisy II came with his owner Farmer Minor to the Clough cafeteria on July 17 as part of Taft Public Librarys' summer reading program Dream Big: Read.

Taft Public Library recently added a new member to its summer reading program – a 3½ year old pot-bellied pig named Daisy II. Daisy II is no ordinary pig however; he is the "World's Most Famous Pig," who travels throughout the country with his owner "Farmer" Paul Minor to visit libraries in order to promote the importance of reading.

Daisy and Farmer Minor were invited to be part of Taft's Dream Big: Read summer reading program and came to the Clough School on July 17 to entertain dozens of children and their families. While Daisy II sat in a stroller decked out with an "I Love Libraries" license plate, Farmer Minor told stories of how both Daisy II, and their first pot-bellied pig Daisy I who passed away in 2009, came to live with him and his wife "Mrs. Minor." Minor enthusiastically detailed Daisy's daily schedule both on the farm and on the road while promoting their "Pig Out on Reading" program. Minor began the reading program 14 years ago when he was asked by a librarian in Hartford, CT to come to their library with Daisy I, and the mission "took off" from there.

Minor used props during the presentation including showcasing a small portion of Daisy II's book collection. Minor explained that Daisy has a collection of over 1,000 books about pigs, most of which have been sent to him from all over the world, and stated that his two favorite "pig" books were Mercy Watson and Charlotte's Web. Minor also read a children's book Hello Piglet, asking for the audience's participation in reading the tale.

Minor showed the audience humorous pictures of Daisy sleeping in bed with him and of the pig taking a shower. There was also a great deal of laughter over the audio props of grunting, snorting, and snoring from Daisy while eating and sleeping.

After Daisy II was presented with a library card from Taft's Childrens Librarian Andrew Jenrich, who received a "kiss" from the pig in exchange, the children were able to come up and pet, hug, and if they were brave enough, kiss Daisy while posing for pictures.

Minor said that he was inspired to take up this cause because of his strong roots in reading. Minor said that he grew up with a mother who constantly encouraged him and his brother to read, and though they lived on a small dairy farm in Bristol, Conn; "we traveled through books," he said. "It is so important to encourage children to read." Minor also said that though they mainly travel to libraries to promote reading, they also visit convalescent homes and Alzheimer's units, helping to "revive childhood memories," he said.

More information can be found on Minor's "Pig Out on Reading Program" at


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