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Miscoe Hill Rehab Ahead of Schedule

New windows are being installed at Miscoe Hill School this summer as part of Green Repair Program, partially funded by the Massachusetts School Building Authority. The new windows will help increase energy efficiency in the 42-year old building.

Miscoe Hill Middle School students should expect to return to school at the end of August to a building updated with a new roof, a new boiler, and new gymnasium windows thanks in part to a grant from the Massachusetts School Building Authority through its Green Repair Program. The program is designed to improve energy efficiency in schools by providing grants for roof, boiler and window replacements. A state-funded grant will be paying for approximately 45-47 percent of the total cost for all three projects, which was originally estimated at $4 million. The additional funds for the project were approved by both the town of Upton and Mendon back in May of 2011.

At the March 5 School Committee Meeting, a $274,600 bid was approved for Modern Glass and Aluminum for the window replacement and a $394,406 bid was approved for Aalanco Services for the boiler replacement. At the April 9 School Committee Meeting, Miscoe Hill Principal Ann Meyer informed the Committee that they received 11 bids for the roof replacement, and that they were recommending awarding the contract to Greenwood Industries, Inc. for the amount of $1,492,000. Meyer said that the quote was $800,000 less than the estimate, and although money does not come back to the district, the contractor will be able to use it on unforeseen repairs once they begin the roof replacement. Meyer reiterated at that meeting that timing is important for the replacement, and that they hoped the roof replacement would begin on June 1.

Work began in June and July for all three projects, and is "going well," said Meyer. She noted the window replacement should be mostly completed by August 1, with just caulking and trim work on the to-do list Even though school officials did not expect to finalize the windows until mid-Fall, Meyers said the replacement is "ahead of plan" and should be 100 percent completed by August 28.

The two boilers have both been replaced and are scheduled for electrical work before they will be complete. That work is expected to be finished prior to August 15 according to Meyer.

The roof replacement, which began in June, is on track to be completed by August 15 as well. Meyer said that the work is approximately 80 percent complete (as of a July 30 interview), and that she fully expects the work to be done by the beginning of school. "There has been nothing unexpected that cropped up," said Meyer. "There have been no major issues with the sub-roof, which is excellent."

Meyer said that she has been very pleased with the entire process so far. "All three contractors, as well as our Architect, Habeeb Associates, have done such a nice job, they are all so helpful," she said. Meyer said that although the noise level was much lighter then she expected, she said that they made the right decision to do this work when there were no students in the building.

Meyer said she wants everyone to know that they will be "ready to open up for school on August 28" with all three projects "close to 100 percent completed." "I am so excited to start a new year not having to panic that every time there is a rain storm or the snow melts that there will be major roof leaks," she said.

New roofing materials await installation as part of the rehab of Miscoe Hill School this summer. The work is expected to be complete in time for the first day of school on August 28.


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