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Healthy Hopper Pass, an Alternative for People on the Go

Upton's Recreation Commission is putting out the word about its Healthy Hopper program which allows residents to purchase a pass to attend different types of fitness classes for a low cost and when it is most convenient. One could say the pass is a way to making residents healthy, a little more wealthy, and therefore, wise.

The Healthy Hopper Pass was created to permit residents the freedom to attend different fitness classes in town without the need for a gym membership. According to Recreation Director Mary Cortese, the pass is very beneficial for people on the go because "you don't get penalized for classes you don't attend if something comes up suddenly," she said. The pass program actually began last year and continues to increase in popularity.

The pass buys 15 fitness classes for $100 and is available to all Upton residents, as well as residents from other communities. It adds up to less than $7 per class, which according to Cortese is very economical for families. Because some health insurance companies reimburse employees for fitness out of flexible spending accounts, Cortese said she can provide individuals with a receipt if needed.

Some of the fall classes to be offered include adult volleyball, yoga, zumba, and boot camp, among others."The pass is a great way to cross train and attend different classes at your convenience," said Cortese. Anyone who would like to invite a guest to a fitness class may do so through the pass. A complete schedule of available classes can be found on the Recreation Commission's web page located at Classes typically take place at Nipmuc Regional High School, Memorial School, or the Town Hall.

Healthy Hopper passes can be purchased at the Town Clerk's office, through the mail, or through any fitness instructor prior to a class. Passes expire one year from the date of purchase. Anyone attending a fitness class will be required to sign a liability form, which can also be found on the Recreation Commission's web page.

The Upton Recreation Commission is wrapping up another successful summer which sponsored a number of fun programs including the Kids@Play, Adventure Exploration, and a High School conditioning program, among many others. With all the fitness classes being offered in the fall, Cortese expects the busyness to continue.

For more information on the Healthy Hopper Pass Program, contact Cortese at


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