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McGovern Wins Only State Primary Race in Mendon and Upton

It was a quiet day at the polls in both Mendon and Upton during the September 6 state primary. Mendon Town Clerk Margaret Bonderenko reported a very low turnout with approximately five percent, or 173, of the town's 3,596 registered voters coming to the polls. According to Upton Town Clerk Kelly McElreath, 277 residents cast their vote that day out of 4,856 registered voters, or six percent.

The low turnout may have had to do with the fact that there was only one race to be decided on between Democratic candidates James McGovern versus William Feegbeh for the Representative in Congress seat; McGovern easily won in both Upton and Mendon.

Results in Mendon on the Democratic ballot are as follows. For Senator in Congress, candidate Elizabeth Warren received 75 votes, four write-ins, and 11 ballots were left blank. For Representative in Congress, the only race, incumbent James McGovern was the clear winner over William Feegbeh by a vote of 71 to 9 with 10 ballots left blank. Unchallenged incumbent candidate Richard Moore, who is running for Senator in General Court, received 82 votes with 8 ballots left blank. Incumbent John Fernandes, who ran unchallenged for Representative in General Court, received 79 votes with 11 ballots left blank. Uncontested Dennis McManus, who is running for Clerk of Courts on the Democratic ballot, received 70 votes with 20 ballots left blank, and Anthony Vigliotti, also running unchallenged for Register of Deeds, received 71 votes with 19 ballots left blank. There was no candidate on the Democratic ballot for Councillor.

On the Republican ballot in Mendon, Scott Brown received a total of 83 votes. Councillor candidate Jennie Caissie received 55 votes with 28 ballots left blank. The remaining offices on the ballot, which included Representative in Congress, Senator in General Court, Representative in General Court, Clerk of Courts, and Register of Deeds had no Republican candidates running.

On the Democratic ballot in Upton, Senator in Congress candidate Elizabeth Warren received 137 votes, with one write in and 18 ballots left blank. For the Representative in Congress seat, incumbent James McGovern beat newcomer William Feegbeh by a vote of 130 to 22 with four ballots left blank. For the Senator in General Court seat, incumbent Michael Moore, who ran unchallenged in his party, received 139 votes with 17 ballots left blank. For Clerk of Courts, unchallenged Republican candidate Dennis McManus received 130 votes with 26 ballots left blank, and Register of Deeds candidate Anthony Vigliotti received a total of 131 votes with 25 ballots left blank. There were no candidates on the Democratic ballot running for Councillor or Representative in General Court.

On the Republican ticket, incumbent candidate Scott Brown, who is running for Senator in Congress, received 121 votes in Upton. Newcomer Stephen Simonian, who ran uncontested for Senator in General Court received 99 votes with 22 ballots left blank. Unchallenged Councillor candidate Jennie Caissie received 97 votes in Upton with 24 ballots left blank. And uncontested candidate George Peterson who is again running for Representative in General Court received 113 votes from Upton residents with eight ballots left blank. Other seats on the Republican ballot, including Representative in Congress, Clerk of Courts, and Register of Deeds had no candidates running.

In both Mendon and Upton, there were no candidates running on the Green Party ticket.


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