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Tremblay: Presents Goals; Receives Contract Extension

Having received a favorable yearly review by the School Committee at their September 6 meeting, Superintendent Robert Tremblay, incorporating the members' comments and suggestions, outlined his goals for the upcoming year at the board's September 20 meeting.

In addition, the School Committee, in Executive Session, following the meeting, elected to extend the Superintendent's contract for two additional years. The current contract was set to expire this year. Tremblay, who has served in the position since 2007, will receive a six percent pay increase, as a result of the new agreement.

Speaking on his overall goals, Tremblay expressed his desire to ensure that district staff has the training, time and resources, combined with ongoing support, to carry out their roles and responsibilities. He also pledged to allow the district to "marshal resources, in order to fulfill the educational mission through effective working relationships and well-defined functions and tasks."

Taking a proactive, rather than a reactive stance on instructional practices was also high on Tremblay's list as was ensuring "accountability, commitment and capability, as the district works towards becoming a premiere school district."

The Superintendent divided his goals into two sections: Professional Practice and District Improvement.

Regarding Professional Practice, Tremblay highlighted two goals. The first, involves new state requirements for the district's professional evaluation system, which must be in place for the 2013-2014 school year. Saying he would ensure the timely alignment with new state regulations and applicable contract provisions, Tremblay said, "I will provide the necessary training and support for ... our teachers and administrators in the use of a new educator evaluation system." He added the district is "one full year ahead" of the deadline for implementing the system.

Tremblay vowed to meet monthly with the Curriculum Committee, which he leads, "in consultation with a non-profit professional development consultant that I brought in." The committee is charged with determining "all matters of PreK- 12 curriculum."

He also promised to present compelling rationale for the "posting and hiring of an Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Instruction and Assessment, in the budget presentation;" a post slated to be filled in 2014.

Among the District Improvement Goals, Tremblay said his first goal, as part of the new evaluation system, will be to "meet weekly with our data specialist to pull teacher reports on student performance ... for data-driven discussions with principals, as they assess educator effectiveness." He also promised the development and implementation of a standards-based electronic report card that better tracks student performance, while reducing paper consumption.

Committee member, Donald Quattrochio, questioned whether this should be classified as a goal, as opposed to a "software rollout." Tremblay explained beyond the electronic reporting, his concern was for "actually reporting to families what we're teaching in class."

Regarding managing conflict, Tremblay said he would seek and attend training to better manage conflict "in my capacity as Superintendent," a goal he plans to achieve by the end of the calendar year. He stated the related goal would be "to better employ strategies for responding to disagreement and dissent, constructively resolving conflict and building consensus throughout the Milford public schools."

In the area of communication between his office and the Committee, Tremblay said he would reserve a weekly block of time, "for the purpose of making personal contact ... with each member of the School Committee."

The board accepted Tremblay's goals, with the suggestion that he fine-tune some of them to include benchmarks, from which they could determine the successful completion of each goal.


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