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Geriatric Authority Expansion Moving Forward

The shaded areas on this plan show the 24 new beds to be built at the Milford Geriatric Authority's

Countryside Health Care facility on Countryside Drive.

The Board of Sewer Commissioners met on September 25 with Town Treasurer Barbara Auger and Barry Chiler, administrator of Milford Geriatric Authority's Countryside Health Care facility on Countryside Drive, to continue discussions started in August regarding the Geriatric Authority's proposed 24-bed expansion. At the August meeting, the Geriatric Authority outlined plans for the expansion and commission members said they wanted to study what effect it could have on the nearby over-burdened Field Pond sewage pumping station.

In their second get-together, Auger showed the board a design plan for the proposed expansion, explaining that a smaller, separate building already permitted for 47 beds would be torn down. Subtracting those 47 beds and adding 24 new beds would means a net loss of 23 beds, she explained.

"I really don't see a problem if it's going to be a net less flow to the [sewage treatment] plant," Chairman Richard Cenedella said. Jack O'Connell, senior vice president of Tata & Howard, Inc., the Sewer Department's Marlborough-based consulting engineers, said that – based on six years of sewage flow data – the 24 beds would generate 74 gallons of effluent per day. He termed that amount "minimal."

Commissioner Rudy Lioce said he did not make any decision on the project in August because he wanted to learn all the facts about the expansion first. Since then, he said he learned that the authority is already permitted for the 47 beds and that Town Counsel Gerald Moody had advised him no permit from the Sewer Department was needed for the expansion. "They don't need a permit," Sewer Superintendent Mainini echoed

"We wanted to follow protocol" by going before the Sewer Commission, Auger said, offering the Geriatric Authority's help in notifying area residents about the Sewer Department's sump pump re-connection program. The board is promoting the free program as a way to reduce groundwater inflow and infiltration that is over-burdening the Field Pond sewage pumping station.

The board also met with Adam Paine of Cornell Drive, who complained that he and his neighbors were smelling effluent in their neighborhood at various times, affecting their ability to leave windows open in the summer months. Mainini said the problem resulted from when the Field Pond pumping station has low flows and can be corrected by putting an additive into the area's sewer mains. The Sewer Department will put that additive into the mains immediately, and it should take about a week for the problem to go away, Mainini said.

The superintendent urged Paine to call the Sewer Department if the problem re-occurs. Cenedella termed the solution "an easy fix" and told Paine, "We apologize for your inconvenience."

Developer Michael Connearney also met with the board to discuss adding six homes at the end of Field Pond Road. Board members said he should come to the board with a development plan as well as what he could do to offset the increased sewage flow to the Field Pond sewage pumping station. "If the fixes can be made, then I think it [the six homes] can be tied into it [the area's sewer main]," Cenedella said.


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