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CPA Funding Requests and Overrides on Mendon Warrant

On May 3, Mendon residents will be asked to vote on an array of money articles that include two overrides, a debt exclusion, and a number of Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding requests.

A total of 27 articles will be voted on that evening. Of those, two articles, 21 and 22, are asking residents to raise their taxes through a Proposition 2 ½ Override to fund a Town Coordinator's position for $110,000 annually and another Proposition 2 ½ Override is asking for $38,200 for the town to join a mosquito control program. If residents pass Article 21, the tax impact to a $300,000 home will be approximately $54. If residents pass the mosquito control program, the tax impact to a $300,000 home is estimated to be roughly $18.

Article 23 is also asking residents to increase their taxes over a five year loan through a Proposition 2 ½ Debt Exclusion in order to fund a multi-purpose trackless vehicle for the Highway Department. The cost for the vehicle is $165,845. The tax impact to a $300,000 home would be approximately $20 for five years. The base amount for the vehicle is $113,240, plus another $52,000 for the attachments. With the attachments, the Highway Department can utilize the vehicle year round for snow removal and mowing.

The Conservation Commission is sponsoring four articles asking voters to utilize Community Preservation Act funding. Article 16 is a standard article that is requesting to transfer $96,704 from CPA funding to pay for the Fiscal Year 2014 town owned Fino land debt.

Article 17 is requesting $20,000 from the Community Preservation Budgeted Reserve Account to purchase and then install a camera surveillance system in order to help protect the new playground at Memorial Park. According to Jenn Welch of the Parks Department, the $20,000 is an estimate and could be decreased by the time voters gather at the Annual Town Meeting.

Article 18 also concerns CPA funding and is requesting $20,000 to renew the part-time Affordable Housing Coordinator's position that was put in place last year.

And Article 19 concerns making the walkway between the Town Beach parking lot and Memorial Field parking lot handicapped accessible and is asking for approximately $4,000 from CPA funding.

Other routine funding articles on the warrant include Article 6, which is requesting $9,200 for the town's Fiscal Year 2014 annual update valuation and Article 7 is requesting $10,000 for the Cyclical Inspection.

Articles 8, 9, 10, and 11 are requesting voters give approval for fiscal 2014 for the existing Revolving Accounts for the Library, the Planning Board, Highway Department, and Conservation Commission, respectively. Revolving accounts are set up by the town in an effort to collect fees to support that organization or department and must be approved by voters each year.

Article 13 is requesting $26,570 to pay for the town's ambulance lease payment. Article 14 is requesting $2,500 in order to match the Police Department's State/Federal grant.

And finally, until the new police station is complete, the town must continue to fund the Police Department's temporary trailers for Public Safety usage. As a result, Article 15 is requesting $15,950 for the trailers.

The May 3 Town Meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at Miscoe Hill School.


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