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The Upton Board of Health wishes to advise residents in Upton that we have had two woodchucks test positive for rabies and a third possible case that we were unable to capture, but appeared to be rabid. These woodchucks were found in the Pleasant Street and Railroad Avenue area of Upton.

Although rabies has been detected in Upton for several years, there appears to be a recent increase in the specimens testing positive. We wish to remind you to avoid approaching or handling any wildlife and follow these guidelines:

• Do not feed any wildlife.

• Secure your food and garbage beyond the reach of wild animals.

• Keep all pets up to date on their rabies vaccination.

• Feed pets indoors, do not leave pet food outside.

• Cap chimneys with appropriate screens and seal openings in attics, basements, porches, sheds or barns.

• If bitten by any animal thoroughly wash the wound with soap and water and seek medical attention immediately. Rabies is carried in the saliva, it is not necessary to be bitten to contract the rabies virus.

If you see a wild animal that is acting peculiar, please notify the animal control officer at 508-529-4668. Rabies is 100% deadly if left untreated. Please be aware of your surroundings when outside. For more information on Rabies, please contact the Board of Health office at 508-529-6813 or visit the Mass. Dept.of Public Health at or the Energy and Environmental Affairs Dept. at


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