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New Water Treatment Facility in Operation

Manager David Condrey shows one of the computer-control panels in the Milford Water Company's new water treatment plant.

After more than 130 years of using diatomaceous earth and slow sand filters to treat water before sending it out to its distribution system, the Milford Water Company received the state Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) approval on May 312 to begin using its new multi-million dollar water treatment facility it constructed at its Dilla St. campus.

"This new and efficient plant is an important investment that will provide the people and businesses of Milford with high quality service for many years to come," said David White, president of Milford Water Company. "We thank all those who have made this project run smoothly, on schedule, and within budget."

"Construction of the new facility began in March of 2012, and we received MassDEP's verbal activation approval on May 30, 2013," said David Condrey, manager of Milford Water Company. "Since that approval, we have been fine-tuning the operation of the facility and have been happy with the smooth transition to the new plant, which is now running at 100 percent of current flow.

"We appreciate the public's patience and support through these important investments. Public confidence in the water supply is our top priority and we will continue to strive to earn your trust," Condrey said.

The DEP's official May 31 letter of approval to use the new water treatment facility said it will treat water from Echo Lake, the Charles River, the Dilla St. wells and the Clark Island wells. Raw water from each source will enter the plant via separate lines, be combined in a "raw water vault" and then flow and be treated through an oxidation tank, dissolved air flotation units and granulated carbon filters and chlorine contact tanks.

The DEP granted initial approval to use water from Echo Lake and the Clark Island wellfield at a flow rate of 972 gallons per minute (1,399,680 gallons per day), with the use of water from the Dilla St. wells and the Charles River to be operational by May 31 of next year.

Documents filed by the Milford Water Company with the state Department of Public Utilities (DPU) as part of its rate increase request show the estimated cost of the new treatment facility at $22,051,048, with $18,662,368 spent as of the end of May.


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