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Spelling Bee EspaƱol

Sixth Grade Miscoe Hill student Kealani Peters spells a word in Spanish before a panel of judges at the Second Annual Miscoe Spanish Spelling Bee.

How do you spell "lunch?" If you are one of 22 students in the final rounds of the 2nd annual Miscoe Hill School Spanish Spelling Bee you would spell it a-l-m-u-e-r-z-o, which sounds like "a, ele, eme, u, e, erre, zeta, o."

Almuerzo was the final word of the 14-round Spelling Bee that 8th grade student Hanna Koizumi had to spell before taking first place in this year's Spanish Spelling Bee.

In early June, students in the Spanish Immersion program from grades 5 through 8 competed in their classrooms to see who would become a finalist in the spelling bee. The finalists all competed on stage on June 13 in front of their classmates and a panel of judges including Spanish Teachers Andrea Miralles, Alyssa Crawford, Meagan DaSilva, and Marcela Villarroel.

Finalists' classmates and family members were welcomed and informed of the spelling bee rules in both Spanish and English by students in Miscoe's Spanish Immersion Program before the event started. After a practice round, students were given words chosen from Spanish textbooks by the judges. If a student did not spell a word correctly, the judges would "buzz" their answer and give them the correct spelling, but they were eliminated from the competition. All of the students received a certificate for being a finalist in their grade level, and Hanna, was given a certificate and a trophy for her first-place win.

Fifth-grade Spanish teacher Andrea Miralles said that the Spanish Spelling Bee is a "perfect" opportunity for the teachers to help their students with their spelling of Spanish words. "The kids get so interested in spelling during the spelling bee competitions. They were very excited to compete. They now think that grammar is 'fun'" she said. Fifth grade Spanish teacher Alyssa Crawford said that this event has the added benefit of bringing the students and teachers in the Spanish Immersion program at each grade level together. "This is a venue where the teachers and students can collaborate; it is a great way for us to bring all four grades together," she said.

Two sixth grade students received second and third place awards at this year's spelling bee; Abigail Basile came in second place, and Jackson Desroches came in third place. Other students who competed in the finals are as follows: Fifth grade: Hanna Giglio, Jenny Capalucci, Megan O'Donovan, Paxton Dichele, Ethan Lynch, Calvin Todd, Kacy Morford; Sixth grade: Emily Overholt, Abigail Basile, Robert Gateli, Jackson Desroches, Trinity Bauer; Seventh grade: Kealani Peters, Caroline Abate, Juliet Allegrezza, Nichole Leveille, Max Morrill; Eighth grade: Bailey Vogt, Hanna Koizumi, Isabelle Todd, Katie Briggs, Gillian Fitzgerald.


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