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Mendon Town Meeting Approves Tranfers

It appears 25 was the magic number during a STM meeting in Mendon. With a total of 25 residents in attendance during the June 27 meeting, voters approved 14 articles and passed over another two in a total of 25 minutes.

One of the bigger funded articles on the warrant, Article 12, was to help reduce the snow and ice deficit account. As a result, residents passed unanimously funding from more than a dozen different accounts totaling $46,338. Article 13 was another article to deal with the remainder of the snow and ice deficit with money out of stabilization, but residents voted to pass that over at the recommendation of the Finance Committee. And Article 11 took another $3,915 from free cash toward snow and ice removal salaries.

In addition, two articles passed that will utilize Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding. Article 15 requested $7,500 from CPA funding to pay for the excavation services needed for the new playground at Memorial Field and Article 16 requested $2,500 of CPA funds to pay for half the costs to repair the town's Records Room Building. The Historical Society will fund the other half.

Other articles voted on and passed included: Article 1, which financed $500 to insert a mosquito control educational flyer into the Town Crier. Article 2 was asking for $355 from free cash to fund the insurance on the new street sweeper. However, voters passed it over as it was discovered the funding can be covered through a credit owed to the town.

Article 3 requested $10,650 from free cash for employees' health insurance and Article 4 was a $3,853 request from free cash for an upgrade to the town's server.

Article 5 requested $1,300 from free cash to go toward police coverage and programming for the Accuvote machine resulting from recent elections. And because the Finance Committee's expense budget was set too low, Article 6 is requesting $181 from Finance Committee salaries.

Article 7 was for Police Department expenses and requested $6,200 from free cash. Article 8 asked for $950 from free cash for various Board of Selectmen's expenses including office supplies, printing expenses, postage, and license hearings. And Article 9 asked for $2,230 from free cash for several Town Hall expenses such as alarm and elevator services, pest control, copy paper, and to test smoke detectors.

Article 10 paid various bills for the Town Collector/Treasurer office totaling $500, including office supplies, postage, and advertising for positions. And finally, Article 14 paid $27,000 for Town Counsel expenses to cover a number of legal issues and questions.

Finance Committee Chair Rich Schofield added that without a Town Administrator in place, town officials are forced to go to Town Counsel to answer questions which is becoming costly for Mendon.


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