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Skipping with the champs!

Boggs and Mancuso (center) show the Miscoe Hill Skippers correct double dutch form.

The Miscoe Hill Skippers learned some new "World Championship" jump roping tricks this summer during a three-day camp run by two record-holding guest coaches.

Nine-time World Rope Skipping Champion and two-time World record holder Tori Boggs, 20; assisted by this year's first place winner of the "triple-unders" and "double-dutch speed," Noah Mancuso, 17, came from Parkersburg, W.V. to run a three-day camp from July 29-31 for members of the Miscoe Hill Skipper team. Both champions are part of a West Virginia competitive jump rope team, Jump Rope USA, and aside from the aforementioned, received numerous awards in July's World Jump Rope Competition in Orlando, Fla.

With an already impressive resume of awards and records at a young age, Boggs is currently a Biomedical Engineering/Pre Med student at Ohio State University where she recently developed a website database for jump roping related injuries in order to develop better training and injury prevention methods. During school breaks, Boggs travels throughout the United States and internationally to help promote the sport of jump roping and to assist in the training of formed jump rope teams.

Miscoe Hill Skippers Team Coach Christine Horn said that Boggs coming to Upton had been a "dream" of hers for some time. Eight years ago, Horn saw the documentary Jump, a movie that followed different Jump Rope Teams during practices and competitions, one of which Boggs was a member. Horn said that she was extremely impressed by Boggs, who was only 12 years old at the time. "It was so amazing to see her determination," said Horn. Last year, Horn showed the film to her Skippers and their reaction of awe was the same, so she set about finding a way to have Boggs come to Massachusetts to lead a camp for her students. "We were so lucky to have Tori and Noah come here," said Horn, who hosted both champions in her home for the three days.

Boggs and Mancuso worked with the 14 members of the Skippers for six hours per day on single rope, double dutch, and free style skills as well as speed and team routines. "We are really trying to stress creativity," said Boggs. "Our goal is to help them to create their own sense of style, their own tricks, because we won't always be here," she said.

Boggs had high praise for the Mendon-Upton team, calling them "one of the coolest teams I have ever worked with."

"We were happy to come here, but we were really not prepared for how much fun we would have," Boggs said. "[The Skippers'] teamwork is amazing.... they are so coachable," she said. "They truly have the 'jump rope' mentality."

World Jump Rope Champions Tori Boggs (pictured) and Noah Mancuso showed off their moves at a three-day, intensive training camp for the Miscoe Hill Skippers in July. Boggs and Mancuso coached the kids on single rope, double dutch, and free style skills as well as speed and team routines.


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