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Updated Capital Improvement Plan Presented to School Committee

Milford Public Schools Facilities Manager Rob Quinn presented an update on the district's Capital Improvement Plan during the October 10 School Committee Meeting.

Quinn presented the Committee with a list of preventative maintenance and facilities projects that are ongoing as well as on the horizon, stating that they continue to "bite off a piece every year," and historically without asking the town for funding.

"Our big push right now is technology and security upgrades," said Quinn. Quinn stated that security upgrades will range from ensuring that every door closes and locks properly to constructing vestibules at the entrances of select schools in order to check credentials before allowing a visitor into the building.

Quinn said that for technology upgrades, the department is currently working on creating a security network. Part of the new network will mean that all of the security system equipment that operated at the High School will no longer travel on the same network as the Administration or students. Quinn informed the Committee that by making that switch, security cameras will be able to operate without the fear of the network crashing, something he said is presently a concern. Quinn stated that they are also looking into access control systems at each school, which is a "swipe-card" system for staff members to get in and out of the buildings.

Another big concern for the district, Quinn stated, is the recent increase in the water rates in the town of Milford. Quinn informed the Committee that they are piloting a program at the High School where they will be replacing three flushometers in the urinals in cafeteria lobby restrooms with new low-flow fixtures. "We are just piloting this now because we are not positive that the plumbing that was put in during 1970 can handle the low-flow," said Quinn. Quinn said that they plan to pilot the new low-flow fixtures for a month and get feedback from the teachers and students before making a decision.

As well as the new flushometers, Quinn said that they have also replaced the shower heads in the pool area and locker rooms with low-flow units. "This is another way we can pilot a program to help save the district some money," he said.

School Committee Member Don Quattrochio praised Quinn for his work on finding savings for the district. "I hope that the town realizes the effort you put in; the savings that you drive for the town and the district is tremendous," Quattrochio said. "I take my hat off to you. I can't thank you enough."

Also during the meeting, Quattrochio gave an update on a Safety and Security Meeting held on October 8 with members of the police department, building principals and secretaries, and others on the Safety and Security task force. Quattrochio stated that they are looking into the feasibility of access control systems, using a security card to "swipe" in and out of the building. Quattrochio said that he learned during the meeting that on some days, secretaries could be interrupted over 50 times per day to let faculty into the building, which he stated would be eliminated with a swipe card system. Along with looking into a new system, Quattrochio told the Committee that they are also continuing to look into providing a unified process and additional training for the secretaries who are responsible for letting visitors into the buildings.


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