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Showcasing Art to the Community

Fourth Grade Clough Student Jack Watchmaker stands under his Optical Illusion masterpiece at the 2nd annual Clough Elementary Art Exhibit held on January 9 at the Uber Café in Mendon. Jack's was one of twenty-four students whose pieces were displayed at the exhibit's opening night. The artwork will be displayed at the Uber Café until the end of January.

Students of Clough Elementary School and their family members stood shoulder to shoulder in a packed café admiring the work of various talented young artists on the evening of January 9.

The event that brought everyone together was the 2nd annual Clough Elementary Art Exhibit at the Uber Café in Mendon. Clough Art Teacher Alexis Kornblum said that the Art Exhibit was a way to showcase the student's artwork in a way that would connect them with their community. "This exhibit is a great way to bring art and the classroom into the community," she said. Kornblum said that because of the success of last year's show, both she and Uber Café Manager Lauren Chuarello wanted to host this event again.

"It was amazing," said Kornblum of the evening. "The kids were very excited. The café was packed the entire time; it was a much bigger turnout than I expected," she said.

The event kicked off at 6 p.m. when patrons could view 24 individual artwork pieces chosen from a large collection of artwork completed during this school year. The artists displayed during the exhibit included Kindergarten: Landon Laplante, James Brogan, Brynn DiAnni, Andrew Brown, and Kiara Simpson; 1st Grade: Ethan Storer, Eliza Kurze, Madison Carter, Kyah Montano, Luke Brodeur, and Kayla Aubut; 2nd Grade: Sofia Geremia, Ava Lozeau, Avery Garrison, and Phoebe Bates; 3rd Grade: Reanna Shrestha, Jacob Bigelow, Emily Claro, and Connor Jason; 4th Grade: Patrick Cormier, Jack Watchmaker, Allison Clemmons, Meghan Laurence, and Emma Hoff. All of the banners and signs hung at the café were created by the Clough 2013-2014 Art Club which is an after school enrichment activity.

Children and their families who came to the exhibit had the ability to work on a collaborative art project inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, drawing and coloring an individual flower and gluing it on to a canvas with a painted vase. Once completed, the three collaborative artwork pieces will be displayed in the Clough school.

As part of the event, both Kornblum and Chuarello wanted to find a way to help out the community, something that Kornblum says is part of Clough's KCR (Kind, Caring, and Respectful) curriculum. The two chose to solicit donations for the WCEC (Worcester Comprehensive Education and Childcare) Center. As part of the exhibit invitation, Kornblum asked families to consider a donation of new hats, gloves, scarfs, and blankets to be given to the WCEC. "As part of our KCR, we talk about ways to help others, and this gave the students an opportunity to give to those in need," said Kornblum. The Uber Café helped with this cause as well by giving a voucher for a free medium coffee or tea to anyone who donated items to the WCEC.

The students' artwork will remain on the walls at Uber Café until the end of the month, but both Chuarello and Kornblum hope this won't be the last time the Clough artists' pieces grace their walls. "We are hoping to do this again. We would love to do something in the spring and use the patio for an outdoor exhibit," said Chuarello.


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