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Amazing Hero Artist Comes to Miscoe Hill

Professional artist Rob Surette performs his Amazing Hero Art show at Miscoe Hill School on January 16.

Students at the Miscoe Hill School were able to see art in action when professional artist Rob Surette presented his Amazing Hero Art Show live on January 16.

Surette is a speed-painter and public speaker known for inspiring audience members with his motivational messages as well as his six-foot paintings he can create in just minutes in front of a live audience. Surette has performed on The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Oprah, and he has performed his Amazing Hero Art Show in over 3,500 venues over the past 19 years. Surette has also performed at Miscoe in the past, the last time being four years ago.

In three different 50-minute shows at Miscoe, Surette used amplified music, a dramatic light display, and a video montage as backgrounds while making his canvas come to life. "My goal is to change the way you look at the world," said Surette.

Surette used quick, almost erratic strokes of a paintbrush or just his bare hands to create a portrait in just a few short minutes. Students saw the faces of Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, and Albert Einstein quickly emerge on black canvas. While painting, Surette spoke to the students about the importance of being a positive, happy person. "You can change your whole environment with just your attitude," said Surette.

The student were also given a short drawing lesson as well as shown some of Surette's other "Hero Art" works such as Helen Keller, Henry Ford, Princess Diana, Christina McAuliffe, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Jim Henson, and Walt Disney.

Surette ended the show with asking the students to believe in themselves and to have an "I can do it!" attitude. "Never quit, be brave, and dream big," he said.

The event was sponsored by the Miscoe Hill PTO; and as well as the show, the school will be receiving two paintings, one of Mahatma Gandhi and one of Nelson Mandela, which will grace the walls of the auditorium along with some of Surette's other works including Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa.

Miscoe Principal Ann Meyer was very pleased with the show as well as with the message Surette delivered to the students. "His inspirational message that all of us can make a difference in the world is very powerful," she said. "We have many measures to ensure that when a student leaves Miscoe Hill that they are a good citizen. Rob Surette provides us with a great springboard for conversations that we can have with them to become good citizens," said Meyer.


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