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Upton Cub Scout Pack 132 Pinewood Derby

Showing off their speed trophies were the three fastest overall winners of the 2014 Upton Cub Scout Pack 132 Pinewood Derby, l-r, Jackson Theall first, Owen Thompson second and Jacob Knowles third.

Shelley Ryan photo

"Pinewood Derby," those two words have the power to conjure up so many different feelings, thoughts and memories for many people.

Saturday, January 25 marked this favorite tradition for Upton's Cub Scout Pack 132, which came together for the annual Race Day with boys of all ages turning out to race the cars they made and many former scouts dropping by to share in the excitement, recall the cars they had made and cheer one another on throughout the event.

"The Pinewood derby is a great scouting event that allows our cub scouts to participate along with their entire family," said Craig Preston Cub Master of Pack 132. "This year we had a record 14 cars for the family race and it was exciting to see the scouts and their siblings enjoy the family race in addition to the official race."

Due to renovations at the Town Hall the race was held in the Memorial School cafeteria. "The new venue for the race was well received," Preston said thanking "the Mendon-Upton School district for use of the café and ... those who assisted us in getting ready for the race."

The scouts all received a kit with a wood block, wheels and axles and it was up to them to design, shape and assemble their cars All cars had to be registered before the race and were required to pass inspection. Cars could weigh no more than 5.0 ounces, could not be more than 7 inches long and at their lowest point had to clear the track by at least 3/8" although weights could be attached to the bottom of the car. Wheels could not be altered, though the axles could be sanded and polished to increase speed.

Steve Taylor, who has been coordinating the Pinewood for five years and participating in the setup/support for eight years, worked with many volunteers to pull the event together. They set up the Pinewood Derby track twice, once for a trial run and again the night before the race. Computer software timed each car and ranked the heat winners to the second. Names of past winners are displayed on the side of the racetrack.

The top speed prize, Fastest Car, must have the fastest overall average in four races. This category is broken down into an Overall winner as well as by rank, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelo I and Webelo II with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places within each. Awards for the slowest car in each rank, the Sunday Driver, is surprisingly hard to get because the car has to be the slowest to reach the finish line in each heat.

Besides speed the derby also rewards creativity awarding prizes in categories such as Most Cub Scout-ish, funniest, Most Patriotic, and Leaders' Choice. One creative car looked like a wagon filled with real popcorn, a light-hearted nod to the scouts' largest fundraiser, popcorn sales, which are referred to as red wagon sales when the boys go door to door with the actual popcorn instead of order forms. Other clever ideas included hot dogs, American flags and an army tank. Another popular hit was a family car that replicated Scooby-Doo's Mystery Machine, which was painted with great detail and looked like the real thing.

Summing up the feeling of the day, Preston said, "Pack 132 held another fun and successful Pinewood derby."

Jackson Theall, won the fastest overall time for the 2014 Upton Pack 132 Pinewood Derby.

Shelley Ryan photo

Upton Cub Scout Pack 132 Pinewood Derby Winners

The following are this year's winners by rank including the names of the three scouts whose vehicles were fastest overall highlighted in bold.


Andre Chauvin, 1st Fastest Tiger

Nicholas Ronzio, 2nd Fastest Tiger

Cameron Condon, 3rd Fastest Tiger

Owen Neal, 1st Place Funniest

Nate Asselin, 2nd Place Cub-Scoutish

James McKinney, Participant

Thomas Evans, Participant

Curtis Patrick, Participant

Cole Brown, Participant

Charles Giracca, Participant

Alex Ramsay, Sunday Driver


Owen Thompson. 2nd Fastest Overall

Jake Giancola , 1st Fastest Wolf

Isaac Henrikson, 2nd Fastest Wolf

Stephanos Kourkouliotis, 3rd Fastest Wolf

Matthew Attington, 3rd Place Patriotic

Nathan Meleedy, 3rd Place Funniest

Jake Ferrandino, 2nd Place Funniest

Riley Cooney, Participant

Ty Sullivan, Participant

Joseph Clancey, Participant

Logan Rae, Participant

Sam Holly, Participant

Adam Fransen, Participant

Noah Crosby, Sunday Driver


Jackson Theall, 1st Fastest Overall

Daniel Franson, 1st Fastest Bear

John Taylor, 2nd Fastest Bear

Nicholas Nasutti, 3rd Fastest Bear

Alex Vanasse, 2nd Place Patriotic

Zachary Knowles, 1st Place Leaders' choice

Bryson Fitts, 3rd Place Cub-Scoutish

Gavin French, 2nd Place Leaders choice

Nicholas Cummings, Participant

Samuel Mayo, Participant

Adam Moeckel, Participant

Alex Taylor, Participant

Benjamin Liard, Participant

Zachary Condon, Participant

Timothy Murphy, Participant

Nickolas Collins, Sunday Driver

Webelos I

Jason Ferrandino, 1st Fastest Webelos I

Eric Rapiejko, 2nd Fastest Webelos I

James Ddesi, 3rd Fastest Webelos I

Jason Drummey, Participant

Joshua Crosby, Sunday Driver

Webelos II

Jacob Knowles, 3Rd Fastest Overall

Jack Thompson, 1st Fastest Webelos II

Jacob Collard, 2nd Fastest Webelos II

Adam Jeronymo, 3rd Fastest Webelos II

Alex Cummings, 3rd Place Leaders Choice

Thomas Michel, 1st Place Cub-Scoutish

Mark Driver, 1st Place Patriotic

Daniel Knowles, Participant

Nathaniel Buck, Participant

Kyle Gould, Participant

Ben Moeckel, Sunday Driver


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