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Historical Commission Looking to Save Original Miscoe Springs Building from Demolition

The Mendon Historical Commission is looking to save the original Miscoe Hill Springs Building from demolition. Jane Bigda photo

Mendon's Historical Commission is looking to save a portion of the Miscoe Springs Bottling Plant from demolition. Historical Commission Chair Wayne Wagner briefly discussed the matter with the Board of Selectmen during a March 10 meeting.

The owners of the Bottling Plant, which is located on Northbridge Road, want to demolish the historical building and then eventually build possible housing on the property. After a public hearing in February, the Historical Commission put a six month demolition delay in place in order to determine if there were other options for the structure rather than tearing it down.

Wagner informed the Board of an upcoming meeting to be held the following week in an effort to hear input from interested residents on what the building could be used for if purchased by someone or if the owners decide to keep it as is. "We don't feel we have the expertise to determine an alternate use for that building," he told the Board.

During a phone interview on March 13, Wagner said the Commission is looking at only the original structure. "We don't want the tin building," he said, adding that the building has many possibilities if it were to be saved. "I'm not sure what could be done with it. Maybe an indoor flea market or an artisan shop," he said. "But that's why we're having the meeting—to talk about different ideas." Real estate agents were also invited to the brainstorming session.

In an effort to give residents a better visual understanding of the structure, the Historical Commission has placed multiple pictures of the Bottling Plant on the town's Web page at "It's really a nice old building," said Wagner. This historical structure was built in 1895 and total approximately 40,000 square feet. Wagner says he has a personal tie to the building. "I worked there when I was 15 years old. I was a laborer," he said.

So far, the Historical Commission has heard positive feedback from local residents who want to keep the structure standing. "Mendon has a lot of history. People seem to want to keep it." Commission member Kathy Schofield agrees. "It just seems that it can be repurposed for something," she said. "Let's not lose the building."

Not long ago, the town's Water Commission had discussed with the Board of Selectmen the possibility of the town purchasing the bottling plant as an extra water source. However that has since fallen through.


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