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Committee Targeting Labor Day for Upton Town Hall Completion

Renovations continue in the upper Town Hall.

During a March 18 meeting, the Upton Town Hall Renovation Committee recently updated the Board of Selectmen on the progress of the building's ongoing transformation. In attendance from the Committee were Chair Kelly McElreath, Steve Rakitin, and Michelle Goodwin.

McElreath gave a PowerPoint presentation during the discussion showing a number of photos with the latest updates to the Town Hall, including a recent finding in the building's vault. "We found the original specifications for the Town Hall dating back to 1883," she said. McElreath added that a restoration company will work to refurbish the 20 page document which will eventually be put out for display. Part of the Town Hall renovations will also include restoring the vault where the town's historical records are kept, "so those records are even more secure and more protected going forward," explained McElreath.

The Committee was also happy to report that a big milestone of the project—pouring the concrete floor—was now complete. Other photos showed work being done to the Main Hall, the balcony on the upper floor, and various offices.

When asked if the project was running on schedule, McElreath said due to amount of rock and ledge that had to be removed from the ground floor, the renovations are running about a month behind. "They [the construction company] feel very confident they can get the project done by Labor Day. So we're looking at a 30 day delay of what we were originally anticipating. When all is said and done, I think that's very reasonable." Goodwin added that due to the cold weather, site work outside might also be delayed "if things don't warm up."

Now, one of the biggest lead time items for the project will be the Town Hall's new custom made elevator, which has been ordered. Rakitin told the Board the elevator can take as long as 16 weeks to arrive. An occupancy permit for the newly renovated building can only be obtained once the elevator is installed and then inspected.

A brief update on the project's budget was also provided. According to McElreath, $117,000 has been spent out of the contingency fund so far and $1.5 million has been spent on construction costs. She also said oil to heat the Temporary Town Hall is costing more than anticipated, as a result, additional funding will come out of the contingency fund for that. Town Manager Blythe Robinson explained that because the project is running one month behind, there will be additional costs from the consultant, the architect, and the clerk of the works. "But we've had some savings in some areas that will help offset that," she said.


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