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Triple the Fun for Giraffe Lovers at Southwick’s Zoo

Baby Max and his Mom, Pinda, are a sight to see at Southwick's Zoo.

Over the winter months, Southwick's Zoo experienced its own version of a baby boom with the birth of three beautiful giraffes. And it seems visitors can't get enough of the adorable threesome.

"They're a huge attraction," said zoo owner Betsey Brewer. "Everyone loves to come and watch them."

The three calves, Daisy, Rocket, and Max were born in January, February, and April respectively. According to Brewer, Daisy and Rocket initially experienced some complications after their births because of some bonding issues with their moms, Dotty and Mazey. As a result, the newborns were taken to Tufts Veterinary School in Grafton days after they were born to receive the care they needed to survive. Months later, Daisy and Rocket are now doing very well and back home at Southwick's.

"Max and his mother, Pinda, bonded immediately," explained Brewer. "Max likes to hang with mom a lot.

"Pinda's a good mother. She's protective but not overly so," she said of the first-time mom.

As the three calves continue to grow and get stronger, so does their appetite. Daisy and Rocket are drinking up to three quarts of formula three times a day as well as eating hay and grain. And Max continues to nurse from his mother. Typically, female giraffes will grow up to 16 feet tall and the males up to 18 feet tall.

At some point, the zoo may need to transfer some of the giraffes out to other zoos as space will become an issue. But for now, all three baby giraffes are mingling with the adults and enjoying the warm weather and the many, many visitors who have come to see them.

Some visitors will have the chance to get up close and personal with the long necked creatures as soon the zoo's giraffe feedings will be available on the weekends. For an extra charge, guests will receive a brief educational presentation and then the opportunity to feed the giraffes.

Southwick's Zoo is in full swing right now and possibly because of the harsh winter weather this past year, folks seem very eager to get out and see the animals. Brewer says she thinks it's great that more and more people are in tune with nature and the conservation movement and just how important it is to all of us. "We share the planet with everyone," she said, "and sometimes we forget that."

For more information on Southwick's Zoo, visit or call 800-258-9182


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