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Taking Ideas and Making Beautiful Things

Members of the community were invited to an All-District Art Show on May 8 in the Milford High School Gallery. Over 250 pieces of artwork created by students from grades 1-12 were on display. Melissa Orff photo.

The artistic talents of students in the Milford Public School Department were honored during a May 8 All-District Art Show and National Art Honor Society induction ceremony.

Friends, family, and members of the community were invited to the Milford High School Gallery in the evening to see a special display of over 250 masterpieces; from paintings, to sketches, to pottery and more. The artwork was made by students in grades 1-12 and included pieces chosen for different art competitions throughout the school year such as the Boston Scholastic Art awards, the Art in the Valley Show, and the National Art Honor Society Art Show.

The same evening in the courtyard, fifteen Milford High School students were inducted into the National Art Honor Society (NAHS). The NAHS is an organization that "strives to aid members in attaining the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service; and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community." NAHS members must attending meetings, maintain their grades, and complete 20 hours of community service to be eligible for membership. The Milford chapter of the NAHS is in its 12th year, and this year as a community service project painted a 30 foot wall mural at Shining Star Preschool; a mural which was inspired by illustrator and author Eric Carle and designed by their classmate Sara Silva.

The induction ceremony started with a procession of the current and new members into the courtyard before a welcome by Milford High School Principal Carolyn Banach. "Whenever we need a wall or display case filled, it is the NAHS members I turn to for inspiration and ideas," said Banach.

Keynote speaker and Northeast Region Vice President of the National Art Education Association Peter Geisser congratulated the inductees, and spent time relaying personal stories that told the students why art is important both to the society as well as the individual. "There has probably not been a better time in the history of the USA to be involved in the arts then today," he said. Geisser encouraged the inductees to use their instincts and assured them that even life can be embodied in art. "Art isn't as much a product as it is a process. Take your ideas and make beautiful things," he said.

Following the speeches, the inductees were introduced and received certificates from their Visual Art instructors Adrienne Delaney and Carolann Tebbetts.

After the event, both Delaney and Tebbetts said that they were pleased with the "very successful" evening and the turnout of over 300 people for the Art Show. "It is exciting to have the Milford community embrace our student-artists," said Delaney.

Tebbetts said that the students were inspired by Geisser, and are already brainstorming ideas for future community service projects. "Peter's [Geisser] talk truly resonated with the students. They are hoping to create a larger community artwork project starting next year based on his ideas," she said.

Students inducted into the National Art Honor Society this year wereCaitlin Flannery, Juliana Giokas, Kayla Hipolito, Tini Leong, Brianna Mason, Sarah Probert, Ioana Rotaru, Angela Sabo, Andrew Salazar, Alexa Sanchioni, Sara Silva, Julia Tempesta, Adeline Thibeault, Kayla Thongpul, and Gabrielle Vasile.


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