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Year End Transfers and Recreational Trail Bylaw on Mendon Warrant

A number of housekeeping transfers, a new pickup truck for the Highway Department, and several bylaw amendments are all part of the 27 articles to be voted on during the June 25 Special Town Meeting in Mendon.

The meeting will kick off with a number of money articles. As of June 10, the Finance Committee continued to tweak its funding recommendations so final numbers presented at the meeting may change from what is reported below.

Several articles on the warrant involve the Highway Department. Article 16 is requesting voters to approve a new pick-up truck totaling $45,000. Currently, the Highway Department is utilizing two pick-up trucks that continue to need costly repairs. If approved, this article will provide a replacement for one of the two trucks.

Articles 8, 9, 10 and 11 also concern the Highway Department. Due to the harsh winter, Article 8 will cover the increased costs of diesel fuel and is seeking $2,597. Article 9 is seeking $1,135 to cover a Highway Department laborer's salary. Articles 10 and 11 involve the Department's snow and ice deficit. Article 10 is requesting $3,343 for the salaries portion of the deficit and Article 11 is seeking approximately $95,000 for the expense portion of the snow and ice deficit.

Other money articles include Article 1 which is seeking $250 for Finance Committee salaries as a result of a miscalculation. The additional monies are needed to finish out the fiscal year, which ends on June 30.

Article 2 is requesting $2,000 for the Assessor's expenses for an appellate tax hearing and Article 3 is requesting $10,000 for Town Counsel expenses which are running higher than anticipated.

Article 4 is seeking $2,137 for various Town Hall expenses including a new PC for the Town Clerk, backup software, and a balance from a prior bill.

Articles 5 and 6 are interdepartmental transfers for the police and fire departments' expenses and Article 7 is seeking $1,100 for electrical inspector expenses due to the number of increased inspections.

The Board of Health's Testing Wells and Landfills Account will run short due to an unexpected repair needed at a testing well and funding is needed to correct a billing issue. As a result, Article 12 is requesting $5,800.

Article 13 is seeking $2,715 for the Worcester County Retirement Fund and Article 14 is seeking $2,461 as the result of health insurance plan changes.

Residents will also vote on several bylaws during the town's June 25 Annual Town Meeting.

One of those bylaws concerns the use of the town's recreational trails and is being brought forward by the Zoning Bylaw Review Committee. "Basically it aims at keeping unauthorized motorized vehicles off the trails on town land," said Committee Chair Shirley Smith. The bylaw was written at the request of the Land Use Committee.

The bylaw, entitled Use of Recreational Trails and Associated Areas, is Article 27 on the warrant and is meant to enforce the proper use trails in town. The bylaw states no person shall operate a motorized vehicle or device on town-owned trails or associated areas unless specifically designed for parking or the placement of motorized vehicles; exceptions include public safety vehicles or emergency service vehicles.

The definition of motorized vehicles in the bylaw include automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, snow vehicles, mopeds, scooters, mini bikes, off road and/or all all-terrain vehicles.

Another bylaw amendment, Article 19, is being brought forward by the Historical Commission and aims to designate Main St. from Hastings St. to George St., Maple St., and Elm St. as scenic roads.

Another article is asking voters to accept as a gift a parcel of land from Paul Cussen located at 26 Hartford Ave. East which will be labeled as a drainage lot.

The Special Town Meeting will begin at 7 p.m. and take place at Miscoe Hill School.


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