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Mendon June Town Meeting Includes CPA Projects

The Mendon Board of Selectmen finalized and signed a warrant for a June 25 Special Town Meeting. Several of the articles on the warrant concern fiscal year end housekeeping matters. However, of the 27 articles in total, six will be brought forward by the Community Preservation Committee seeking approval from residents to fund Community Preservation Act (CPA) projects.

Article 20 is requesting approximately $11,000 of CPA funds for closing costs and a conservation restriction for the Paddock/D'Alesandro property on Providence St. which was purchased at the May Annual Town Meeting. However, these costs were not included in that vote; this article corrects that. Without the conservation restriction, the property cannot be purchased.

Article 21 is a request to utilize CPA funds for a new poured rubber ground surface for Clough Elementary School's kindergarten playground. The funding amount is still under determination. The playground is used by students during the school year, but families also utilize the area on weekends and evenings. Jay Byer of the Mendon Upton School District explained at a Board of Selectmen's meeting, the project should be done over the summer before the new school year begins.

Next, Article 22 is requesting up to $8,400 of CPA funds for an archeological reconnaissance survey of the Town Forest. According to Town Forest Committee Secretary Shirley Smith, the Committee has applied to the Department of Conservation and Recreation for a grant totaling $47,667.The money will be used for trail construction, signs, kiosks with brochures containingĀ information on points of historical, cultural, and geological interest and a parking area. However, because there are historical sites within the Town Forest, the Mass. Historical Commission wants to ensure that these are protected and is insisting that before the grant money is awarded the town have anĀ archaeologicalĀ reconnaissance survey done, which will include more than 60 hours of field surveys.

In an effort to continue the town's American with Disabilities Act compliancy, Article 23 is requesting up to $20,000 to fund the repair or replacement of the outside Town Hall ramp. Mendon's ADA Coordinator Kevin Rudden has been helping with ADA compliant projects throughout the community. This article will continue with those efforts.

Article 24 is to fund up to $88,350 for the replacement of the tennis courts and its surrounding fencing at Memorial Park, which according to Dan Byer of the Parks Department are both in disrepair. Byer is in the process of submitting a grant proposal that would cover half the costs of the project. If awarded, the grant funds would be reimbursed back into the CPA account. Byer said he hopes to hear about the grant by September.

And finally Article 25 is seeking $500 from CPA funds for signage on town-owned trails.

The Special Town Meeting will begin at 7 p.m. and take place in Miscoe Hill School's auditorium. A copy of the warrant is posted on the town's Web site at


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