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Baker Wins Governor’s Race; Fattman Wins Senate Seat

Massachusetts residents elected Republican Charlie Baker as their new Governor during the November 4 state election. Overall, communities reported a high voter turnout.

Statewide, Baker and his running mate Lt. Governor Karen Polito beat Democratic challengers Martha Coakley and her Lt. Governor Steve Kerrigan by a vote of 1,041,640 to 1,001,279. The Baker ticket also won in Mendon receiving 1,589 votes versus Coakley's ticket receiving 739 and in Upton Baker received 1,882 votes versus Coakley's 958 votes. United Independent Governor candidate Evan Falchuk and his Lt. Governor Angus Jennings received 71 votes in Mendon and 97 in Upton; Independents Scott Lively and Shelly Saunders received 23 votes in Mendon and 13 in Upton; and Independents Jeff McCormick and Tracy Post received 20 votes in Mendon and 20 votes in Upton.

Several key races also took place on the local level. Republican Ryan Fattman beat long time incumbent Democrat Senator Richard Moore for the Senator in General Court's seat. Overall, Fattman received 29,741 votes versus Moore's 23,634. In Mendon, Fattman received 1,503 versus Moore's 922 votes.

Incumbent Democrat John Fernandes won his seat again by beating Mendon Selectman Mark Reil for the State Representative seat. Overall, Fernandes received 8,674 votes versus Reil's 6,046. However, Reil won in his hometown with Mendon voters giving him 1,353 votes versus Fernandes' 1,044 votes.

In Upton, unchallenged incumbent Democratic Senator Michael Moore took 1,830 votes. However, Upton residents now have a new State Representative. Newcomer and Republican candidate David Muradian beat his Democratic challenger Martin Green receiving a total 8,919 votes versus Martin Green's 5,365 votes. In Upton Muradian received 1,745 votes with Green receiving 1,042.

Democrat James McGovern, who was running unchallenged for Representative in Congress, received 1,440 votes in Mendon and 1,833 in Upton.

Other election results include the Senators in Congress' seat. Incumbent Democrat Edward Markey received 1,285,736 statewide versus his Republican challenger Brian Herr's 789,378 votes. However, Herr won in both Mendon and Upton. In Mendon, Herr received 1,321 votes versus Markey's 1,044 votes and in Upton Herr received 1,595 versus Markey's 1,249.

For the Attorney General's seat, Democrat Maura Healy beat Republican John Miller by a total vote of 1,285,736 versus 789,378. However, in Mendon Healy received 1,046 votes and Miller received 1,282. In Upton, Healy received 1,329 votes while Miller received 1,493.

Incumbent Democrat Secretary of State William Galvin beat his challenger David D'Arcangelo by an overall vote of 1,391,793 versus 594,633. Galvin also won in Mendon receiving 1,295 votes versus D'Archngelo's 976. In Upton, Galvin took home 1,588 votes versus 1,126 votes for D'Arcangelo.

For State Treasurer, there were three candidates vying for the seat, with Democrat Deborah Goldberg winning with a total of 1,115,042 votes versus challengers Republican Michael Heffernan's 825,701 votes and Green Party's Ian Jackson's 82,138 votes. In Mendon, Heffernan received the most votes with 1,345 and Goldberg and Jackson receiving 863 and 72, respectively. In Upton, Heffernan also won receiving 1,549 votes versus Goldberg's 1,101 and Jackson's 108 votes.

Incumbent Suzanne Bump will retain her seat as auditor receiving 1,141,788 overall votes, versus Republican Patricia Saint Aubin's 752,881 votes and Green Party MK Merelice's 79,759. However, in Mendon, Saint Aubin won receiving 1,230 votes, Bump received 907 votes, and MK Merelice received 64 votes. In Upton, Saint Aubin also won receiving 1,389 versus Bump's 1,173 votes and Merelice's 108.

The new Registrar of Probate is Stephanie Fattman who overall received 124,238 votes versus her challenger Incumbent Stephen Abraham who received 114,444. In Mendon, Fattman won with 1,446 votes versus Abraham's 822 votes and in Upton she received 1,607 votes versus Abraham's 1,066.

Jennie L. Caissie ran unchallenged for the Councillor's seat and received 1,570 votes in Mendon and 1,924 votes in Upton. Also running unchallenged was Joseph Early for the District Attorney's seat. In Mendon, he received 1,437 votes and in Upton 1,777.

Voters also decided on four questions. Question 1 passed by a total vote of 1,091,131 to 968,909 to eliminate the requirement that the state's gas tax be adjusted annually based on the Consumer Price Index. Mendon and Upton residents also supported the question. In Mendon, 1,487 voted in favor of the measure versus 876 who said no. And in Upton, it also passed by a vote of 1,827 to 1.061.

Question 2 to expand the beverage container recycling law was defeated by a total vote of 1,555,858 versus 561,635.

In Mendon, it was also defeated by a vote of 2,087 to 379 and in Upton it was defeated by a vote of 2,389 versus 538.

Question 3 to expand prohibitions on gambling was defeated by a total vote of 1,268,040 versus 840,589. In Mendon, voters also said no to the measure by a vote of 1,684 to 771 and in Upton, voters also defeated the question by a vote of 1,879 to 1,020.

And overall by a vote of 1,252,197 to 856280, Question 4 passed to allow employees to earn and use sick time per certain conditions. In Mendon, voters defeated the measure by a vote of 1,250 to 1,188 and in Upton, residents barely defeated the question by 1,460 to 1,445.


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