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Help Make the Prom Magical for Every Girl

Shown are a few of the prom dresses available in Milford High School's Cinderella's Closet. The Closet offers dresses for loan or trade to help offset the high cost of the Prom. Milford High School Cinderella's Closet will be collecting new and gently used prom and semi-formal dresses and accessories for their 2016 Prom Dress Drive from February 24 through April 13. Contributed photo.

With the goal of ensuring that every girl feels special on her Prom day, Milford High School will once again be opening their Cinderella's Closet and are asking for help from the local community.

For the past ten years, Milford High School's (MHS) Cinderella's Closet has been available to students who were looking to reduce the high cost of attending the Prom or Semi-Formal Dances by offering a variety of dresses, shoes, and accessories for loan or trade.

Students can make an appointment to view the dresses available and choose one to borrow for the dance, thus saving hundreds of dollars on what can be a cost prohibitive event for many.

This year, Cinderella's Closet coordinator and House B Administrative Assistant Cheryl Shea felt that it was time for a spring cleaning of the closet to weed out the older-style dresses. Yet with a high need for dresses because the Prom season is approaching, Shea said that they decided to organize a Prom Dress Drive to get "new" inventory into the closet.

Their first step, according to Shea, was to reach out to the local community and recent alumni, whose prom dresses may be sitting in the back of their closets collecting dust.

"We will be collecting new or gently used Prom and Semi-Formal Dresses and accessories such as costume jewelry, purses, and shoes," said Shea.

The Prom Dress Drive will be going on from February 24 through April 13, and dresses can be dropped off at two different locations – at the Main Lobby of Milford High school from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, or at the Milford Sports Center on 132 Central Street from 3-9 p.m. Shea said that there will also be a one-time drop off spot for students on March 19 from 9-11 a.m. in the MHS Cafeteria.

But the Prom Dress Drive is not the only plan for Cinderella's Closet to be brought up to date.

"There are a lot of kids out there that can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress, but every one of them should be able to feel special while getting ready for the Prom," said Shea.

That is where the idea of turning the "closet" into a "boutique" came from. "I don't want [Cinderella's Closet] just to be a location where kids can go pick up a dress," said Shea, who commented she wanted the girls to have the "whole experience" of picking out a dress with a parent or family member. Knowing first-hand how the cost of dresses can add up when she and her daughter were dress shopping a number of years ago, Shea said that she hopes that Cinderella's Closet becomes a location where girls and their parents come to first when looking for a dress. "We want the boutique to be appealing to students and their parents," she said.

Shea said that along with dresses and accessories, she is also currently looking for donations for items to turn the closet into the boutique such as paint, mirrors, and display racks.

A Facebook page has also been set up to update the community on the transformation and to post pictures of the dresses that have been donated. "We want everyone to see the progress," said Shea.

For more information about the MHS Cinderella's Closet, please contact Cheryl Shea via email at or phone at 508-478-1110 x2172.


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