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Draft Warrant Shows Financial Articles Totaling $216,000 for Mendon Town Meeting

The Board of Selectmen has called for a Special Town Meeting to take place on Monday, March 21. A draft warrant shows 20 articles to be voted on and includes a cost of living adjustment for employees, as well as a keyless entry system for the Police Department and roof repairs to the current library.

The draft warrant shows approximately $216,000 worth of financial articles to be voted on, much of which is being funded through free cash. Article 3 is a cost of living adjustment for a number of town employees including the Town Administrator, Public Safety Director, and Treasurer/Collector, as well as funding for Quinn Bill Wages. The total amount is $39,178.

Several other articles also involve salaries and include Article 1 which is seeking $23,400 for the interim Town Accountant whose contract was extended and Article 2 is seeking $4,504 for the Board of Selectmen's Executive Assistant to cover an additional temporary eight hours a week of work through the fiscal year.

Article 14 on the draft warrant is seeking $48,500 from Community Preservation Act funding to pay for roofing repairs and re-shingling the belfry of the current Taft Public Library. Although the town is preparing to open a new library on North Ave. soon, the current library will be utilized for other municipal uses and is need of the repairs.

Other articles concern overtime for the Public Safety Department. Article 4 is seeking $8,123 for overtime for the Police Department due to additional detail coverage needed for a Bates St. construction project. And Article 6 is seeking $10,000 for Fire Department overtime wages due to absences from injuries.

Another Public Safety related article is Article 5 which is requesting $3,200 to purchase a keyless entry system for several Police Department offices that are now temporarily located in the lower floor of the Town Hall.

Articles 7, 8, 9, and 10 concern the Highway Department's budget. Article 7 is seeking $4,400 to replace a dump truck body and Article 8 is requesting $4,200 for diesel fuel in anticipation of a budget shortfall due to several recent winter storms. Article 9 is requesting $11,700 for Highway Construction Maintenance Police Overtime Wages due to extra costs needed for detail for a road project and Article 10 is seeking $8,200 for costs related to the installation of a pipe on Hopedale St.

Article 12 is requesting $10,000 for veteran's benefits; a portion of which is reimbursed, and Article 13 is seeking $3,983 for worker's compensation. Article 15 is seeking $5,000 for the Mendon Land Bank to fund an environmental assessment to test land on George St. before the town accepts it.

According to Town Administrator Kim Newman, Article 11, which is seeking $32,000 to cover the purchase of water, will likely be passed over until more information is brought forward.

Article 16 is requesting to set up a tax aid fund that will assist low-income elderly home owners and disabled home owners with their real estate taxes. And Article 17 concerns the acceptance of a piece of land on George St. from a developer for open space.

If approved, Article 18 will authorize the town to give back a piece of property that was initially donated for a new library site. However, because the town is already in the process of constructing a new library, both town meeting and legislative approval is needed to return it back to the owner.

Article 19, if approved, will permit Mass. Electric and Verizon New England the perpetual right and easement related to electric work on town owned land off of Milford St.

And finally Article 20 concerns the impending solar project and will permit BlueWave Capital to enter into a power purchase agreement with the town.


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