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Library Programs Educate and Entertain Children About Nutrition

Second grader Kayden showed a group of kids how many teaspoons of sugar are in one can of soda during a program on nutrition sponsored by the Upton Town Library.

Who knew learning about nutrition could be so much fun? That's exactly what happened when ToBe Fit, the juggling nutrition magician, came to Upton's Memorial School to not only entertain kids but also provide them some food for thought. The July 20 program was part of the Upton Library's Summer Reading Program.

The nutrition magician educated her audience of approximately 30 kids and their parents, about making good food choices "It's not always easy to know what foods to choose; some foods are better than others," she told the kids. Some foods she explained, such as apples, are what she called "Go Foods," versus processed foods which she deemed "Whoa Foods."

The performance included explaining to youngsters the not so healthy ingredients that go into soda and utilized second grader, Kayden, as a volunteer to count a total of ten teaspoons of sugar that are in one can of soda. ToBe Fit encouraged the kids to choose much healthier drinks including water and milk.

She also showed the group how cereal makers try to entice children with sugar filled cereals that include prizes and colorful characters but that choosing other healthier cereals with bran and less artificial sweeteners are the best choices and are still delicious to eat.

Speaking of sugar, a startling statistic she relayed to the audience was that children consume an average of 150 pounds of sugar each year while many years ago, but their great grandparents ate an average of just two pounds per year.

The program also included a game show, Let's Make a Meal, which taught the youngsters the best way to prepare a balanced meal. Throughout the program, ToBe Fit juggled and performed magic tricks to get her point across about balanced, healthy meals which kept her audience laughing and intrigued.

The Upton Library has held a number of events related to its Summer Reading Program including an appearance by the Little Red Wagon Theater Troupe, a Frisbee Show, and the Lil Folk Farms Traveling Petting Zoo also visited the Library. Those students who read five books on their summer reading list will be rewarded with Pawtucket Red Sox tickets.


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