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Miscoe Hill to Offer Field Hockey

The Mendon Upton Regional School Committee unanimously approved the addition of a middle school field hockey team to the athletics program beginning in the Fall of 2017 for Miscoe Hill School.

Miscoe Hill Principal Ann Meyer and Miscoe Hill Athletic Director Scott Glassman presented the idea to the Committee during a February 27 meeting, stating there was a "high interest" in the sport at the middle school level.

"The students have heard a rumor that we were thinking of starting a field hockey team," said Meyer. "There isn't a day that goes by that someone doesn't ask me about it. They are very excited."

Meyer said that up to last year, the Miscoe athletics program was completely self-funded. This year, the school received $10,000 towards athletics transportation.

"It has helped immensely," said Meyer.

Glassman told the Committee that the numbers of student athletes would justify a middle school team, with over 30 sixth and seventh graders interested in playing next fall.

The cost of the new program would be approximately $3,400 after the player's fees according to Glassman, which includes referees, coaches, and transportation.

"We would be using the old uniforms and nets from the high school," he said.

Glassman said depending on the numbers at the high school level, the middle school team may be open to 6th graders as well as 7th and 8th graders. "It would depend on numbers and ability," said Meyer.

The team would play other middle school field hockey teams in Oxford, Auburn, Westboro, Northborough, Southborough, and Northbridge.

The girl's team will join the other middle school sports offerings including basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, track and field, and cross country.

The School Committee unanimously approved the new program on a one-year provisional basis and will review again in a year for permeant approval.


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