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Inaugural Induction to World Language National Honor Society

Nipmuc Regional High School students are inducted into one of three new World Language Honor Societies during a March 13 Ceremony.

The achievements of over 60 World Language students were celebrated at Nipmuc Regional High School on March 16 as they were inducted into the school's new World Language National Honor Society.

The new program brings chapters of the Spanish, French, and Italian National Honor Societies to Nipmuc in order to recognize the high achievements of students taking a world language and to promote a continuing interest in language studies.

Membership requirements in the World Language National Honor Society (NHS) include completion of two years of a language with an average grade of 85 or higher and a cumulative grade of 80 for all classes.

Students create a digital portfolio describing their passion for, and perseverance in, their language of choice and how they will use their world language skills to help others in the community.

"This is something that we have wanted to bring to Nipmuc for a long time," said World Language Department Chair Tricia Moloney of the new program. "We have many high achieving World Language students, and we wanted them to get the recognition that they deserved."

Moloney said that the goal of the new NHS chapters isn't just about learning to become fluent in the language, however. "We want the students to understand the importance of becoming global citizens," she said. "and to be empathetic to people of other cultures."

The inaugural Induction Ceremony was held on March 16 where 35 students became members of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, 13 students became members of the Societa Onoraria Italica, and 13 students became members of the Societe Honoraire de Francais.

"We are here tonight to recognize the amazing achievements of our World Language students and their contributions to the World Language program," said Moloney as a welcome to the inductees and their families.

Along with Moloney, Nipmuc World Language Teachers Ana Soto, Julie Ahmed-Jussaume, Lauren Blackburn, Kate Reardon, and Chelsea Lemaire spoke during the ceremony on the history of the World Language NHS programs and the significance of becoming one of the first members of the programs at Nipmuc.

"Parents, your unwavering encouragement for your children to understand the world around them and to reach out to others has set the standard for a life-time of learning and an openness to new experiences," said Reardon to conclude the ceremony.

The student's inducted into the 2017 World Language NHS are as follows: Spanish NHS - Caroline Abate, Megan Agro, Erin Capalucci, Juliette Carreiro, Emma Crisfield, Michael Davidshofer, Jade Dougherty, Lindsay Enos, Kimberly Frary, Kylie Gallagher, Kiara Griffith, Erin Hartwig, Sophia Hegarty, Viola Hibbett, Zackary Lapointe, Colleen Lavoie, Corey Lazarz, Elizabeth Leblanc, Robert Martyak, Joanne Michel, Taylor Moore, Conor Morford, Lauren O'Brien, Dallas O'Hagan, Maya Ostoin, Madelyn Paquette, Lea Peterson, Abigail Rapiejko, Rebecca Rausch, Kayla Riordan, Max Robakiewicz, Christian St. Pierre, Isabelle Todd, Lauren Vincens, and Bailey Vogt; Italian NHS: Carol Abedelnour, Aidan Belleville, Jaclyn Bianchi, Jillian Carey, Alexander Chu, Davin Fazio, Emily Gay, Emily MacKay, Cooper Offord, Katherine Plutnicki, Dean Sheehan, Vanessa Shepherd, and Rene Venable; French NHS: Megan Baumgarten, Nicholas Consoletti, Donald Halsing, Nicole Kaufman, Ryan Kelleher, Sean Kelleher, Kirollos Morcos, Meena Morcos, Ariel Ott, Noelle Ott, Katherine Ryan, Katrina Shifflett, and Brooke


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