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Funding for 350th Events and New Windows for Senior Center on Mendon Warrant

As members of Mendon's 350th Anniversary Committee continue preparing for the town's future and final celebrations, a request for monies for the more expensive events are on the May Town Meeting warrant.

"To date, the celebrations have been entirely self-funded," said Committee member Kevin Rudden.  "We have been able to raise a little bit of money from each event however these final events are more celebrations than fundraisers and will have some costs."

Article 14 on the warrant is seeking $37,500 to cover the costs of several bigger events. According to Rudden, $25,000 is needed to fund the parade and fireworks scheduled for September 24. A block party on August 26 is seeking $2,500 for insurance-related costs.To cover public safety costs related to both the block party and parade, $10,000 is needed. The Committee, explained Rudden, "will make every effort to fundraise first and use the town funds second."

Two capital articles on the warrant are seeking $35,000. Article 25 is requesting $10,000 to replace windows at the Senior Center. The current windows are approximately 30 years old and pose safety and security concerns. The new windows will be more energy efficient than the current ones. Article 26, if passed, will purchase new mowers and associated equipment for the Park's Department totaling approximately $25,000.

There are also several Community Preservation Act articles on the warrant. Article 15 is seeking approximately $98,000 to fund the annual Fino land debt. In Article 17 the Parks Department is seeking $15,000 of CPA funding to install a new drainage system at Tetreault Field. Article 18, if passed, will fund Bill McHenry's Affordable Housing Coordinator salary for the year totaling approximately $20,000. And Article 19 is requesting $5,500 from CPA monies to hire a consultant to research and file the National Register application for the Olney Cook Artisan Shop located on Hartford Ave. East.

Article 20 is seeking $2,000 for the Land Use Committee to utilize for trail signage.

Once again, in an effort to save time, a consent calendar motion will be requested to pass a number of articles that are voted on each year and include Articles 4 though 12. Article 4 is seeking $6,500 for the annual cyclical inspection and Article 5 is seeking $10,000 for the Fiscal Year 2018 portion of the Update Valuation Account.

Article 6 through 9 are seeking approval to set up revolving accounts for the Taft Public Library, the Planning Board, the Highway Department, and the Conservation Commission, respectively, and must be approved each year by voters.

Article 10 is requesting $2,500 for a police matching grant program, Article 11 is seeking approval of the Committee's Five Year Plan, and Article 12 is seeking approval to spend Chapter 90 funding.

Not part of the consent calendar but related to a revolving fund is Article 16. The Parks Commission is requesting to establish a revolving fund, but would like to set the fund's limit to $100,000. According to Parks and Recreation Director Dan Byer, the purpose of this amount is to set up a rainy day fund for future needs. The town's other revolving funds are capped between $6,000 and $30,000.


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