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Mendon Police Building Committee Moving Ahead

Now that the residents of Mendon have supported a $5 million debt exclusion that will build the town a new police station, members of the Police Station Building Committee are already beginning the next steps toward seeing the project through.

The plan for the new headquarters is to renovate and expand the former fire station on the Main St. to a 9,200 square foot building for a price tag of approximately $4.9 million. However, because the Main St. structure is deemed historical, Community Preservation Act funding will be utilized to help defray the final costs. As a result of school debt expiring, residents are not expected to see their taxes increase.

Approximately a year ago, the Mendon Board of Selectmen voted to form a Police Station Building Committee whose members were charged with investigating locations and costs associated with building the new police headquarters. Now that the Committee has completed their initial charge and the debt exclusion has passed, they will now be seeing the construction phase through. The Committee will also request the Board of Selectmen appoint two new members; one, a representative from the Historic Commission, and the other, Police Chief David Kurczy.

Just a week after the debt exclusion vote passed, the Committee met to discuss several topics including a timeline for hiring an owner's project manager and qualifications for designer services.

The Committee is also currently looking into the requirements needed to secure an easement near the Main St. property that will be used as an exit for the Police Department. Throughout the planning process, Chief Kurczy has been in touch with the individual whose property abuts the planned station. According to Committee Secretary Don Morin, the neighbor "has been very supportive of keeping the police station in the center of town."

Because the Committee isn't certain what steps need to be taken regarding the easement or how long it might take, members thought it would be best to tackle it right away so it doesn't hold up anything in the long run. "We assume we'll have to get legal counsel involved and perhaps the Planning Board and/or Zoning Board of Appeals," said Morin.

The Committee will continue to meet regularly and likely be reporting updates to the Board of Selectmen.


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