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Strength of Character, a Hallmark of NHS Inductees

Nipmuc NHS Member Delaney Bolton lights a candle representing the pillar of Service during the 56th annual Induction Ceremony held on March 27. Thirty-two new members were inducted into the National Honor Society this year.

Thirty-two Nipmuc Regional High School students were recognized for their leadership, character, scholarship, and service as they were inducted into the National Honor Society during a ceremony on March 27.

"We are proud to be celebrating the 56th annual National Honor Society (NHS) Induction," said NHS President Lindsay Enos, welcoming the inductees, current members, administration, and families in attendance.

"We are excited to see the impact that the new NHS members will bring, not only to our school, but to our community as well," said Lindsay.

Lindsay introduced the evenings speakers including Superintendent Dr. Joseph Maruszczak and Nipmuc Principal John Clements.

"The 32 inductees are here because they have demonstrated the strength of their characters in the classrooms, on the playing field, and in the community," said Maruszczak. "Your character is a big reason for your success at Nipmuc; build upon it and let it guide your future actions and decisions."

Current NHS Members Gabrielle Puchovsky, Kayla Salgueiro, Samantha Chase, and Delaney Bolton spoke about the four pillars of the National Honor Society - character, service, leadership, and scholarship.

"Leadership is an attitude, cultivated over time," said Kayla. "Your acts should not stop here; leaders lead individuals to their own greatness; they inspire."

In order to be eligible for the National Honor Society, students must have a grade point average of over 85, complete 10 hours of service in their community, coordinate a leadership project, and submit an online portfolio.

Two sophomore inductees spoke about their leadership projects, which were born out of their passions that they wanted to share with others.

"I wanted to celebrate diversity while introducing children to a wider world of cultures and experiences," said Rachel Dunlavey, who hosted hands-on enrichment classes to promote cultural awareness for kids.

Justine Nicholson took her passion for STEM (science, math, engineering and math) subjects to help spark an interest in girls in the STEM fields. "Women are widely unrepresented in STEM jobs," she said. "We must increase interest in girls without the social stigmas and stereotypes."

Justine also left her fellow inductees with some words of advice. "Even though we might be in our small corner of the world in Mendon and Upton, as NHS inductees we can make an impact in our world to make it a better place," she said.

The inductees were then presented with certificate and both the current and new members pledged the NHS oath to conclude the ceremony.

This year's NHS inductees were: Selvana Abdelmesih, Elizabeth Bohan, Jackson Bukunt, Olivia Calnan, Madison Chase, Rory Crisfield, Emily Crosier, Daniel De Zutter, Rachel Dunlavey, Isabelle Frieswick, Camille Gallagher, Nyah Gazda, Bret Hackenson, Reem Harrati, Aidan Hayes, Taylor Johnson, Erika Jolie, Matt LaCross, Bridget Lazar, Patrick McEnaney, Abigail Murphy, Justine Nicholson, Julia Orff, Madelyn Paquette, Divya Rapur, Ben Rodman, Olivia Sanborn, Allison Shepherd, Preranaa Srinivas, Sophia Studley, Sarianna Theall and Christina Tong.


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