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Upton Selectmen Discuss Holding Informational Session on Marijuana Bylaw

The Upton Board of Selectmen are planning to hold an informational session for residents regarding the establishment

of a marijuana bylaw for the town. A brief conversation on the topic was held during a June 19 meeting.

The Selectmen and the Planning Board met with town counsel the week prior concerning the establishment of marijuana bylaw for Upton. "What we learned the other night is this is still evolving everyday among all the commissions," said Selectman Chair Gary Daugherty. "We felt it was important to invite the public out and

have a public discussion on this because

there's so much misinformation out there," explained the Chair.

Selectman Brett Simas stated he would advocate for a public informational session as opposed to having a discussion on the matter. "We don't want to replicate what would happen during a town meeting floor where you have people coming up and arguing different positions; we're not trying to create agreement amongst anybody or change anyone's opinions," he said to the Selectmen. Simas stated residents can ask questions but the goal is to give clarity and understanding by educating residents on the latest information on the marijuana laws.

"This is really a forum," clarified

Selectman Stephan Matellian. "There's many different facets to the law from medical to recreational to transportation. It may take more than one meeting," he said.

The Selectmen are aiming to schedule the informational session sometime in September feeling more will be able to attend once the summer is over. They are also looking into holding it in a larger venue, such as the Nipmuc Reginoal High School's auditorium. Town Manager Derek Brindisi will be looking into a date and location,

which will be announced over the summer.

Last fall, Upton residents passed a marijuana moratorium during a November

Special Town Meeting meant to allow town officials time to explore the impacts of potential recreational marijuana establishments in town. The moratorium is set to expire in December 2018. A bylaw drawn up by the Planning Board could be voted on this fall.

Council on Aging Donation

In other news that evening, the Selectmen accepted a $600 donation

for the Council on Aging. The funding came from the recently disbanded Upton Woman's Club. It was requesting the funding be used toward any of the Council's intergenerational programs and/or other COA programs. The Board of Selectmen's next meeting is scheduled for July 17.


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