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Recent Actions by Milford Town Boards

• Approvedachangeofmanagerfor19thGolfandGrillat350East

Main St. (Rt. 16) from Michael Hicks to Virginio Sardinha, Jr.

(March 7).

• Approved a license amendment allowing Waters Corp. to store

up to 2,500 gallons of Class I flammable liquids (the previous

limit was 500 gallons, with 2,063 gallons on hand), up to 3,270 gallons of Class II combustible liquids (the previous limit was 770 gallons, with 2,743 gallons on hand) and up to 3,200 cubic feet of flammable gases (no current permit) at the company's 34 Maple St. facility. (March 7)

• Approved a license amendment allowing Waters Corporation

to store up to up to 2,000 gallons of Class I flammable liquids (previous license limit not given, with 1,609 gallons on hand), up to4,000gallonsofClassIIcombustibleliquids(thepreviouslimit was 2,500 gallons, with 3,630 gallons on hand) and up to 3,200 cubic feet of flammable gases (no current permit) at the company's 5 Technology Dr. site. (March 7)

• Approved an amendment to the existing Class I New Car Dealer license for Imperial Hyundai at 154 East Main St. (Rt. 16) changing the name from "Imperial Hyundai" to "Imperial Hyundai doing business as Genesis of Milford." Attorney Joseph Antonellis said Hyundai is introducing "Genesis" as a separate brand. (March 7)

• Approved Human Resource Director Maureen Giffin's Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) policy for town employees. Per board members' suggestions, Giffin agreed to revise and bring back to the board for its approval a draft Anti-Harassment policy to further explain the role of department heads when a complaint is made, as well as to revise draft Confidentiality policy to include medical privacy rules. (March 7)

• Town Manager Richard Villani reported the Snow and Ice Removal budget was overspent by $69,000 as of March 7, with any deficit spending in that account to be made up at the Annual Town Meeting in May. (March 7)

• Villani reported the state will be allotting Milford $819,994 in Chapter 90 road repair funding in the next fiscal year, a number just a bit less than this fiscal year. (March 7)

• Villani reported that – with the approval of Tree Warden Chuck Reneau –National Grid crews are trimming tree branches away from power lines in town. (March 7)

• Granted the Greenleaf Garden Club permission to hold its annual plant sale from 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 18 at Louisa Lake Park. (March 7)

• Awarded an $18,000 contract for the annual Fourth of July fireworks display to the only company submitting a bid, Atlas Pyrovision Productions of Jaffrey, N.H. (March 7)

• ApprovedrenewingtheSeasonalClubliquorlicensesforthe Maspenock Rod & Gun Club, Inc., McGill Lane and the Sons of Italy Dramatic & Sportsmen's Club, Inc., Depot St. (March 7)

• Voted to accept $623 in donations made in memory of Chris Swindell and Regional Substance Abuse Navigation efforts to the Regional Substance Abuse Navigation Program's gift account. (March 7)

• Voted to accept a $25 gift from Diana Heinsohn to the Milford Fire Department. (March 7)

• Selectman William Kingkade requested that Highway Surveyor Scott Crisafulli and Town Engineer Mike Dean review the flow of water off Cortland St. onto South Main St. (Rt. 140). The drainage flow may have increased due to land clearing on the street, Kingkade said. (March 7)

Planning Board

• ApprovedalandplansubmittedbyTheGutierrezCompanyof Burlington to combine lots within its Stone Ridge Corporate Center, Deer St., to create a new lot for the company's 242-unit "Residences at Stone Ridge" apartment complex. (March 5)

• Voted to send the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) a recommendation in support of allowing Wayne Caruso to withdraw without prejudice his lot shape factor variance request for property at 26 Eben St. Town Planner Larry Dunkin said the variance is not needed because the lot already complies with zoning requirements. (March 5)

• Voted to send a favorable recommendation to the ZBA on Wayne Caruso's lot shape factor variance request for property at 28 Eben St. (March 5)

• Voted to send an unfavorable recommendation to the ZBA on David Sanches' variance request to divide a 19,951 square-foot

lot at 23 Ravenna St. into a 13,467 square-foot lot with an existing house and a new 6,484 square-foot lot. Current zoning for the area requires 15,000 square-foot lots, according to Dunkin. (March 5)

• Voted to send an unfavorable recommendation to the ZBA

on Stephen Vono's request for a special permit to establish a supplemental apartment at 2 Western Ave. Dunkin said the 11,718 square-foot lot is non-conforming because the required lot size is 15,000 square feet and it is unclear how the proposed supplemental apartment would be accessed, as required, through the main dwelling unit. (March 5)

• Approved and signed an amended agreement between the

town, Sanylah Crossing, LLC and Rockland Trust for the bond held to guarantee completion of the road construction in the Sanylah Crossing subdivision off Fiske Mill Rd. Dunkin said the amendment replaces the former Milford National Bank and Trust with Rockland Trust and extends the agreement through October 31, 2020. (March 5)


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