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Taking a Week to Focus on Health and Wellness

The Milford Public Schools celebrated their annual Wellness Week April 8-12 by giving students tips and tools for living a healthy life.

Every day during the week the district scheduled a different event that focused on health and wellness for students and teachers alike.

Monday was "Meaningful, Mindful Monday" where students were asked to perform an act of kindness or reach out to someone who they thought would need a kind

act or word. The week kicked off with a video of Shining Star Preschool students talking about the importance of kindness. Monday was also "Match Your Meal" day, where students and staff were encouraged to wear the healthy color of the day and buy or bring a healthy food to match the color of the day.

One of the main highlights of the week was "Tech Free Tuesday," where students pledged to shut off their devices

during snacks and mealtime and engage in conversation with family or friends. Although there are many activities to replace technology use – including physical activity - one of the activities encouraged during Tech Free Tuesday was reading. Students from Milford High School spent time on Tuesday with students at Brookside Elementary School, reading to them and mentoring them to foster a life-long love of reading.

On Wednesday, the focus was about the importance

of adequate sleep, which has been proven to be just as important to an adolescent's development as nutrition and physical activity. The district challenged the students and staff to go to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual during "Wakeful Wednesday," and to leave electronics out of the bedroom for one night.

"reTHINK Your Drink Thursday" asked students and staff to pledge to eliminate sugar sweetened drinks for one day and replace their soda, fruit juice or energy drink with water.

Wellness Week ended on a high note on "Fitness Friday," where the entire district laced up their sneakers for a walkathon, and many headed over to the Milford High School football stadium where the annual School Day Games were in full swing. Sponsored by Milford Public Schools and Special Olympics, the School Day Games pairs up special needs students with a buddy for a fun day of activities focusing on motor skill development.

The fitness fun didn't stop in the classrooms either. Throughout the week the Milford Community Use Program offered many free after school programs to get the heart pumping.

"Our district promotes and embraces health and wellness as the foundation upon which all learning is built," said Judy Dagnese, Director of Nursing for the Milford Public Schools about the work that goes into bringing the Wellness Week programs to the students and staff. "The week was so much fun!"


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