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Miscoe and Nipmuc Action Plans

School officials from Miscoe Hill and Nipmuc Regional High Schools presented their action plans for the 2019/2020 school year during the September 23 School Committee Meeting.

Working off of the district's overall strategic objectives, the schools each developed their own individual objectives, many of which focused on social emotional learning, communication, and providing learning adventures for all students.

Miscoe's Assistant Principal Paul Marshall presented the middle school's strategic objectives to the Committee.

Their first objective is to support Social Emotional Learning (SEL) by improving school climate and culture through "revising the code of conduct, using alternatives to exclusionary discipline and providing professional development and training to improve classroom management and support engaging instruction."

"We are teaching kids through all of their experiences," said Marshalls. "And we are focusing on how to teach kids through all of these experiences."

Their second strategic objective is to "engage the community as partners in learning." Marshall said that they plan to create consistent, proactive communication practices to inform and engage students, staff, administration, guardians and community members."

"This is a challenge, because there are so many platforms and so many ways to communicate. We don't want to send mixed messages," he said.

Miscoe's third objective is to align practices to the MURSD Portrait of a Learner competencies. Marshall told the Committee that the administrators and teachers plan to work on "revising and reassigning lessons and units to include real-world connections and deep inquiry."

Marshall said that they have challenged the teachers to look at their curriculum to see where hands-on exploration can be embedded into lessons to bring about that connection for their students.

At Nipmuc, this year it will be about focusing on their ongoing work about the Portrait of a Learner and establishing "Learning Adventures" for students throughout the entire district.

Co-Principals John Clements and Mary Anne Moran told the School Committee that this year as part of their strategic objective, they are challenging their teachers to create a student "learning adventure."

"We are asking them to find one experience in every course that aligns with the curriculum, captures the spirit of the 21st century learning competencies, and that will allow students to explore the MURSD Portrait of a Learner competencies," said Clements. "It's going to take a lot of work to create, but it is going to take the curriculum and make it fun and engaging."

Moran and Clements said that Nipmuc will also be focusing on Social Emotional Learning, providing collaborative learning opportunities for teachers and students, and increased communication with families and the community.

The School Committee unanimously approved the 2019/2020 Miscoe and Nipmuc School Improvement Plans.


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