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Two More Self-Service Gas Stations Approved

There soon will be two more self-service gasoline stations in Milford; the Exxon- Mobil station at 134 Cedar St. (Rt. 85) and the Exxon-Mobil station at 140 Medway Rd. (Rt. 109). Both received special permits from the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

on October 10, allowing them to move away from the traditional full-service stations mandated in Milford up until a year ago.

The two votes came after ZBA member David Pyne insisted – and got – a firm figure of two percent on how much lower self-service gas would cost per gallon than gas at full-service pumps. Milford's zoning

requirements call for self-service gas stations to still provide full-service from at least one pump with two hoses attached.

Pyne strongly stated that the reason why Town Meeting Members changed the town's Zoning By-law in October, 2018 to allow self-service gas stations was the promise of gasoline prices being less than the prices

at full-serve stations. "For me, I need the savings to be quantified mathematically for me to vote for this," Pyne said.

Roger Robbins, owner of the Rt. 85 station, originally would not give a specific amount, nor would attorney Peter Barbieri of Framingham, who was representing Global Companies, LLC of Waltham – a company

from which both gas stations purchase their gas. However, Assad Nauman, owner of the Rt. 109 station, would give a number: Four cents per gallon. "You're going to see a decrease in price when we do this," he said. Technically, the ZBA held two separate hearings – one for each gas station. Robbins' was originally continued to a future date to allow him to get numbers for Pyne, as well as information about self-service pump signage. Nauman's request

was approved after he provided that info to the board. Robbins' hearing was then re-opened and his request approved. Before ZBA members voted on Nauman's request, he, Barbieri and Robbins caucused to discuss Pyne's request and all came back with a firm answer: a minimum two percent less cost for self-service gas versus full- service gas. This means that – if full service gas cost $2.60 per gallon, then self-service gas would cost no more than $2.55 per gallon. Robbins also adopted Nauman's promise to attach three-foot by for-foot signs to the concrete half-circle bollards next to pumps to identify which offered full- serve and which offered self-serve. Pyne commented, "I'm fine with

that," after hearing the two percent cost difference. One of his board colleagues, Mark Calzolaio, cared less about the price difference. "I don't care if you don't change the price," he said. If the price is too high, "Don't go there. Go down the street," he said.

Under the ZBA's two decisions, Robbins will keep the pumps labeled "3" and "4" as full-service pumps at his Rt. 85 station. Nauman will keep the pumps labeled "7" and 8" as full- service pumps at his Rt. 109 station. In addition to any staff managing the convenience store, each station also must have at least one more attendant on duty at all times to pump gas at those full-service pumps.

Both stations will have their fire suppression systems upgraded to meet state fire codes for self-service stations, Barbieri said.

Prior to these ZBA decisions, the only gas station in town providing self-service was the Volta Oil gas station at 111 Cedar St. (Rt. 85).


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