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Outside Water Ban Eased

Following December's heavy rainfall and the amount of snowfall in December and January, the Milford Water Company (MWC) has reduced its ban on outside watering from a Stage IV Alert to a Stage III Alert – meaning that limited outside water use is permitted on an odd/even basis.

"In light of the recent snowfall and predicted weather pattern, MWC has lifted its Stage IV restriction and moved to a modified Stage III," said Manager David Condrey. "This will allow for some odd/even usage to wash vehicles and to provide some added fire protection during the upcoming Town of Milford burning season."

With a Stage III Alert, until further notice, customers with "even" house numbers may now use water on even-numbered calendar dates and those with "odd" house numbers may use water on odd-numbered calendar dates. The limited use will be for washing of cars and for fire protection during the upcoming burn season only. The restriction limits water use to a hand-held hose only.

"Milford Water Company would like to thank all of its customers for their cooperation and patience during the recent Stage IV Water Conservation Alert. By working together during the drought conditions we were able to make it through the dry period without the need to purchase water from our neighboring communities," the company said in a prepared statement.

The privately owned utility measured 5.32 inches of rainfall and 13.75 inches of snowfall in December. Since one foot of snow equals about one inch of rain, the snow yielded about 1.15 inches of water, bringing December's total to about 6.47 inches, Condrey said.

In the first half of January, the company measured 1.50 inches of rainfall and 39.50 inches of snowfall (3.29 inches of water), for a total 4.79 inches of water, Condrey said.


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