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Two Contests on Milford Town Election Ballot

With three possible candidates failing to gather enough signatures of registered voters on their nomination papers by the February 14 deadline, there now will be only two contests—for Board of Selectmen and Constable—in the April 4 Milford Town Election.

Incumbent Selectman William Buckley of Iadarola Avenue—who ran unopposed for his second term—now faces former Zoning Board of Appeals member Michael Visconti, Jr. of Muriel Lane for the three-year seat. Scott Vecchiolla of School Street and B. Gregory Johnson of Howard Street are facing off to fill a two-year unexpired term as a Constable.

Instead of the required 50 signatures, the Board of Registrars found that Melanie Soloman of Westbrook Street only had 10 valid signatures on her nomination papers to run for the Board of Selectman; Jason Thomas of West Spruce Street had only 14 to run for Town Clerk; and, Shannon Vinton Delmore of Princess Pine Lane had only nine to run for Board of Library Trustees.

Others certified to run for office are:

• Highway Surveyor (three-year term): incumbent Scott Crisafulli of Harding Street.

• Board of Assessors (three-year term): incumbent Joseph Niro of Manella Avenue.

• Board of Health (three-year term): incumbent Leonard Izzo of Congress Street.

• Board of Library Trustees (two, three-year terms): incumbent Victor Valenti of Whip o Will Lane. With incumbent Barry Knowlton not running for re-election and Delmore failing to qualify, there is a vacancy for another three-year term.

• Park Commission (three-year term): incumbent Paul Braza of Acorn Circle.

• Planning Board (five-year term): incumbent Lena McCarthy of Fruit Street.

• Sewer Commission (three-year term): incumbent Thomas Morelli of Highland Street.

• Town Moderator: (three-year term): incumbent Michael Noferi of Whitney Street.

• School Committee (two, three-year terms): incumbent Christine Boyle of Morey Way and Robert Lanzetta of Debbie Lane.

• Milford Housing Authority (five-year term): incumbent Katherine Consigli of Dilla Street.

• Tree Warden (three-year term): incumbent Charles Reneau of Beaver Street

• Trustee of Vernon Grove Cemetery (two, three-year terms): incumbents Henry Shahnamian of Pine Street and Jamie Luchini of Park Lane Avenue.

In terms of Town Meeting Members, each precinct has 11 members up for re-election for three-year terms, plus there are several unexpired terms open. The following people were certified to run for Town Meeting Members:

• Precinct 1 (three-year terms): Incumbents: Noel Bontempo; Katherine Consigli; Joseph Cosentino; David Davoren, Jr.; Anthony Grillo; Lynda Heller; Richard Heller; Leonard Izzo, Sr.; David Ruscitti; and, Francis Small. Non-incumbent: Taryn Buckley Barlow.

• Precinct 2 (three-year terms): Incumbents: William Besozzi; William Cavazza III; Joseph DiAntonio; David Ferreira, Jr.; Philip Johnson; Charles Koch, Jr.; John Morte; Rosemary Trettel; and, Steven Trettel. Non-incumbents: Alan Bovarnick, Robert Mitchell and Catherine Mitchell.

• Precinct 3 (three-year terms): Incumbents: Fatima Afonso; Julie Gonzalez; Joann Haskell; William Haskell; Joseph Manella; Brad Mattscheck; Lena McCarthy; Geraldine Noferi; John Taddei; and, Lee Packard. There is one opening for a three-year term.

• Precinct 4 (three-year terms): Incumbents: Louis Arcudi; Giancarlo Bon Tempo; Michelangelo BonTempo; Rosemary Cerqueira; Robert DeVita; Michael Giampietro; Warren Heller; and, Helen Wright. Non-incumbent: Melanie Soloman. There are two openings for a three-year term and one opening for a one-year term.

• Precinct 5 (three-year terms): Incumbents: Gregory Allegrezza; Nazzareno Baci; Aldo Cecchi; Salvatore Cimino; John Cook; Laura Crisafulli; Jean DeLuzio; Renaldo Deluzio; Arthur Morin, Jr.; and, Leonard Oliveri. Non-incumbent: Patrick Murphy. There is one opening for a one-year term.

• Precinct 6: (three-year terms): Incumbents: Phyllis Ahearn; John Beccia, Jr.; Joseph Capuzziello, Jr.; Louis Celozzi; Robert Derderian; Peter Filosa; Rudolph Lioce III; Gloria Sousa Cosquete; John Touhey; Michael Visconti, Jr.; and, Nicholas Zacchilli. Non-incumbents: Sean Riley and Sean Meehan.

• Precinct 7: (three-year terms): Incumbents: Joseph Arcudi; David Bertonazzi; Joseph Calagione; Jean DeTore; Bartholomew Lawless; Marilyn Lovell; Leonardo Morcone; and, Michael Pighetti. There are three openings for three-year terms.


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