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Taft Library Hires New Director

Carrie Grimshaw is the new Director of Mendon's Taft Public Library.

Taft Public Library's new Director, Carrie Grimshaw, says growing up she always knew her career would be in the library sciences field and it appears her instincts were correct. "I've always loved it," she says of her chosen profession. "In high school, I worked as a page for the Charlton Public Library, which is where I grew up," said Grimshaw.

From there, she went on to receive her Master's in Library Science from the University of Rhode Island. She received her undergraduate degree from Assumption College where she majored in History.

Grimshaw began her new position at Taft Library on January 29 after former Director Rob McLean left when he was named the Director of the Weymouth Public Libraries. Prior to Grimshaw beginning her new position, she worked for three years as the Director of the Chester C. Corbin Public Library in Webster.

Taft Library Trustee Bob Carlson was part of the interviewing and hiring process and said he had a good feeling about Grimshaw immediately and feels she'll be bringing some new thinking to Mendon's library. "I liked her enthusiasm for the library system," said Carlson when first meeting her.

Carlson added that some may have been hesitant to hire Grimshaw due to her young age but said she possessed all necessary experience and education and saw her age as a benefit. "She'll bring in fresh and new ideas," he said.

As the new Director, Grimshaw's main goals are all about modernizing the Library. As a result, she's working on completely renovating the Library's website, which she hopes will be ready in time to place its link--—on the town's new website when it is launched in the near future. She's also hoping the Library will receive Wi Fi connection soon.

In addition, Grimshaw is looking forward to working with Children's Librarian Andrew Jenrich and witnessing the very popular children's summer reading program when it's in full swing over the summer. "We're already starting to plan the cardboard boat race," she said.

These days, many towns, including Mendon, are suffering from financial difficulties and talks are again turning toward library cuts. "It's obviously a concern," she said.

Part of Grimshaw's challenge is to make certain residents and town officials understand how important the Taft Library is and how beneficial it is to residents from all walks of life. "I need to show the town that the library is not just about books," said Grimshaw. "It's a community center for everyone. Libraries are great equalizers; they're for everyone and one of the best forms of democracy we have."

She is also working to develop relationships with other organizations in town. Recently, she found an old set of encyclopedias and donated them to the Senior Center.

Grimshaw works three days a week in Mendon and is also working part time at the College of the Holy Cross Library in Worcester.


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